Washed Out

IMG_3156 - Copy Hi guys! How you doing? (in Wendy’s voice). Its quite cold out there so I am home chilling, not netflixing though, haven’t done that in ages. I was going through my photo archive and discovered this look I shelved the first time, I wasn’t feeling the black lippy on me , I thought it washed me out but seeing as I dont have any new style post, my friend and neighbor who usually takes me photos travelled (sad face) ,  I thought why not edit the photos creatively and blog it. The struggle to find content for the blog is real yall.

So who else watched the just ended celebrity big brother? The drama in that house was real, Tiff with her horny talks, Gemma and her Diva ways, Steph and her love lingo, I really wish her and Jeremy all the best , I hope she finds herself and stop being so love needy, I used to be like that myself, thank God I found my self worth. I am really going to miss all that entertainment now that its over but I guess its good its ended so I can dedicate that hour to finally reading that book I talked about in my New year goals. How are you doing with your resolution though? Its February already, get in on it if you haven’t already. Stay blessed. XX. Continue reading Washed Out

Product Review – LaCura Caviar Day and Night Cream

IMG_3227I dont know why I get pretty lazy when it comes to reviewing products, i actually review them in my head, they just never make it to the blog, I was almost going to do the same with this product but I thought hey! Nelo, that would be very unfair, infact one of the most awful thing you could ever do to your loyal readers. These products are so good and so affordable, It would be utterly unforgivable to keep it to myself.  Aldi only produces limited numbers at a time so it’s always sold out but the brochure says its coming back this thursday so I thought I better let you all know about so you can go get it and thank me later. Continue reading Product Review – LaCura Caviar Day and Night Cream

Winter Uniform

IMG_3382 Hi guys! Hope you had a great weekend? Mine was same same, nothing much except that I made the best Nigerian (not Ghana, lol ) jollof rice ever yesterday if I do say so myself, Em wont stopping eating, even Noni who doesn’t like rice that much ate a whole lot, unfortunately I threw portion control to the wind and downed an awful lot of it, I must hit the gym this week to try rectifying the damage done.  Continue reading Winter Uniform

Windy, Rusty and Green

IMG_3272Winter came down in full force the past week, we had temperatures ranging from 1 – 5 deg cent, I know my friends in other parts of Europe will be like puhleeese but please allow me, it was quite cold for my ass out here, thankfully though, it seems to have gotten slightly better this week, I really hope it stays getting warmer and warmer, I am tired winter and winter fashion, the cold and all the layering that comes with it. This was one of the better days, quite windy but not as cold, I wanted a bit of color so whipped my Zara rusty red skirt and determined to stay away from black, I paired it with my Olive rollneck top, military jacket and Camel coat and somehow the colors went well together I think? Continue reading Windy, Rusty and Green

Basic Guide to Owning A Stylish Wardrobe


While there is no denying that money can buy you style , it is also fact that you do not need too much money to be stylish, actually you do not need too many clothe to own an enviable style, you just need the basics first and then you can take it up from there. These tips will work for you regardless of whether you are a student, working class, stay at home mum, the basic principles are the same.

I would advise though that before you set upon out building your wardrobe, you should identify your personal style. A quick and easy way to do this, is by  creating a board on pinterest and pin away, pin any and every image that appeals to you and with time, you will begin to see a pattern, you could find that you like loose and slouchy styles or you like tailored fits etc, the pattern that emerges from your pins is your personal style.  and therefore should guide the pieces you purchase during the course of the build up. So lets get right into it, shall we? Continue reading Basic Guide to Owning A Stylish Wardrobe

Green Velvet

IMG_3340Hello guys!I have missed you all this past week. I was down with the flu , then my baby and hubby picked it up so it was a week of terrible coughing, sneezing and feeling feverish and cold with all of us but thankfully we are all better now just in time for my Nonye’s bday first birthday Party on Sunday.  Continue reading Green Velvet

How To Wear The Slip Dress Trend Effortlessly

The slip dress is forecast to be one of the big trend of SS2016, as usual with fashion and trends, the Slip dress as outerwear is not exactly a new phenomenon, some celebrities have worn it on the red carpet but this is the first time , its going mainstream, its hitting the streets yall and I being the trendwhore that I am, see my post on 2015 major trends and my take on them here, have been giving it a look and thinking hmmm, how, how and how does one wear a slip and slay the hell outta it? Body on sleek or not.Stirring up the embers: Amber Heard marveled in a silky ember-hued dress while Reese Witherspoon went with a modest navy number at Tiffany & Co's Blue Book Collection celebration dinner in NYC on Wednesday: This is the image that immediately comes to mind when one thinks of donning the slip dress, the thin straps demand a no bra treatment, the way it drapes on the body is so unforgiving of any extra folds or flaps, it requires a model like figure complete with perky boobs and waist clavicles to pull this off.   Continue reading How To Wear The Slip Dress Trend Effortlessly

New Year REDsolutions

IMG_3318Happy New Year Once again my beautiful people, have you made your new year resolutions yet? Or do you belong to the class of peeps who dont think its necessary? Personally I think its cool to have milestones that you would love to cover in the new year so that time to time, you can always reference it and see how far you have come, however if you are the type that makes your resolutions monthly then coool, you are the perfect one!

When it comes to resolutions, I believe they should be realistic and practical, for example, you haven’t read a book in ages and suddenly your resolution is to read a book every week, comeon you know that’s not possible , once a month however is doable depending on how you apply yourself . So my resolutions for this year includes but not limited to;

  • Take a course in Photo Editing, my editing skill are so so low.
  • Read a book every month
  • Get my body back in shape
  • Shop Smartly ( Make a list of things I actually need  before shopping)
  • To Save , To Save, To Save!

Are you on board with the new year resolutions gang? Let me know what your are in the comment box.

Continue reading New Year REDsolutions

Outfit Idea – What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

NYE Outfit inspiration


All black is always a good idea but you already know that. Today is going to be quite a busy one for me, we will be entertaining friends at home so I will keep this post short and simple. I love the edgy vibe this whole look got going and would definitely wear to a New Year/New year eve party, I think it would smash plus all the looks can be reworn post party . Have a happy holiday and see you in the new year. Happy New Year in advance guys! XX

Eight Major Fashion Trends that Rocked 2015

I still cant believe 2015 is almost ended, we have just a day left to say goodbye forever? I want to say 2015 wasnt my year but then this is the year , I brought forth my firstborn and that in my books make up for every other setback so yeah 2015 was a great one for me. I hope to make better strands financially in 2016 though but this post is not about my resolutions but rather about the trends that banged this year, as we all know, the 70s did a major comeback this year, the A – Line minis, the Flares, Suede, Velvet, Fur to mention but a few, there were so many cool trends this year , matter of fact, in my opinion, this was the year of experimenting and owning your style.

PS – I know some of you unlike me tend to stay away from trends but surely you must have fallen hard on your face flat for one of these trends, so tell me, what trend really got you this year and what trend would you not be caught dead in?  Continue reading Eight Major Fashion Trends that Rocked 2015