Cheerful Yellow

IMG_4031 Did you guys know that the color yellow is the color of the intellect and the mind and also happens to be the lightest hue in the color spectrum, its a very vibrant and cheerful color, looks really great on a dark skin and a definite go to color for summery days. Continue reading Cheerful Yellow

OOTD x MOTD – Birthday Edition


Hi guys! How are you all doing, this post is coming a bit late but err, better late than never right? Last week Friday, the 6th of May was my bday and Emeka’s was on Sunday, the 8th. Since it both fell on a weekend, we decided to have some friends and family over for some merriment and thanksgiving. I did a GRWM video showcasing how I achieved the makeUp look and my outfit on my youtube channel below, do check it out.

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Styling A Multi-colored Jacket | Three Ways

Hi lovelies, how have you been, I recently thrifted this multi-colored jacket, the color is so so pretty, I am brimming with ideas on how to rock them and I thought you know what? I am gonna share some these ideas with you all and hopefully inspire someone. The jacket is a stunner really and just does all the work, its the perfect accessory, guaranteed to liven up  even the most basic of outfits. So what do you think? Do let me   know which of the looks is your fave and I will see you soon.

I am working on a springhaul and try on video next, should be up by the end of the week so make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel so as not miss out, I post on there every week as it is, beauty and style.

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Coachella Inspired Lookbook – What to Wear to a Music Festival

Hi guys! So as we all know Coachella is this weekend, my fave part of coachella is definitely the fashion and so  I thought I would put together a lookbook of outfits I would wear if I were to attend. I hope you like the looks and do let me know which was your fave. Do have a nice week and I will see you soon. Dont forget to check out and subscribe to my youtube channel

DSC03159 DSC03165 DSC03170 DSC03173

Fros and Stripes!

DSC03142 Hi lovelies, whats popping? I am aii, grateful for another day, another opportunity to share a bit of me with yall, you know something I have been thinking about lately? Its the act of kindness, that selfless act where you put another’s need and feelings ahead of yours , the kindness I am talking about is not about money , the giving of it or not (although you should if you can), just the simple and costless act of seeing another as one like us, going that extra mile to do something, to say something, to act in a way that brings a smile to their face. The best thing about kindness for me is the resultant  feeling of wellness, of goodness and pride in self it brings one, its inexplicable, its all the reward, all the graciousness needed to exercise another act of kindness. Try it today guys! Its a delicious feeling seriously! Continue reading Fros and Stripes!

OOTD Touring London’s Financial District


Hi guys! How are you coping post the long holiday, so basically we are done with the first quarter of the year, how far with your resolutions guys? As my ppl say How market? Time to go back to drawing board , give yourself a thumbs up or pick up from where you left off if you are like me, I stopped working out for a bit there, but guess what? I am back on it. Continue reading OOTD Touring London’s Financial District

OOTD ; Happy Easter


Happy Eater guys! Today I am not celebrating, another bomb blast in Pakistan, the other day was Belgium plus the countless deaths in Africa all in the name of God. These killings make me wonder where God is at, where are you as these people maim and kill in your name? They make me question the omniscience of God, they make me question my faith. I cant get these thoughts off my head.

Be sure to spend time with your lovely, shower them with all the love you have in you coz you never know when it could be you standing by train station, worshipping innocently and someone comes around and blows the place up in the name of God. All the same, Happy Eater my Loves. Continue reading OOTD ; Happy Easter

How to take your Outfit from Basic to Glam

Hi guys! How are you doing? Hope you are cool and getting set for the easter holidays. I feel like I am not showing my blog so much love since I started the youtube channel but I promise that is going to change soon, my pal that takes my photos hasn’t been around, after the easter holidays hopefully we can get back to atleast one outfit post per week.

Meanwhile I am active on the youtube channel  as that doesn’t require much help just me setting up the cam and posing or chatting away. In My latest video , I am sharing two ways to glam up a basic Jean and shirt fit. Kindly watch and let me know what you think, Thanks for your support muah!

Make Up Wishlist – Highly Recommended by Top Beauty Bloggers

Hi guys! how are you doing? I have recently developed a love interest with Make up and have been devouring tutorials from various youtubers of color, my faves includes JennieJenkins, Patricia Bright, Jackie O, ItsmyRayeRaye, Chanel Boateng and many more that I cant remember off the top of my head right now. I have also started a youtube channel, check me out here. Back to topic, these are some of the make up items  that are hot right now with youtubers, they come highly recommended and even though my broke ass cant afford them all at once, I hope to get them one at a time and ofcourse share with you guys too.

Sasha Butter cup setting powder – I currently have the Ben Nye
setting powder which is great too, I have no complaints on it but this one have been lauded too and so I would like to give it  a go too, its also cheaper than the Ben Nye one incase you are thinking of getting yourself one, you can get it here

Nars Concealer/LA girl concealers – My foray into make up and beauty shows that concealers are a very important routine to achieving that flawless look, I have heard so much review on this two, the LA girl one is very affordable and good too, LA Girl Cosmetics Pro Concealer Fawn is great for highlighting in dark skin. The Nars one is a bit high end and comes highly recommended. I am yet to try this one but I can definitely vouch the LA Girl brand, I use the fawn to highlight and the Mahogany to contour. Black Opal Stick Foundation is also really great for highlighting and contouring and pretty affordable as well.

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation – I have to get this product seriously, the reviews on it are AHmazing, I currently have the Mac Studio fix one which is equally great but I cant wait to try out this one too, the shade – benares is great for dark skin tone.

Urban Decay Naked Three Palette – The current trend seems to be the rose nude pallette for an everyday au naturel look, this is a fave of the naked pallette among youtubers , the palettes are soft and nudish and great  for everyday glam look, its a bit pricey though but from the reviews totally worth it if you can afford it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Brow Pomade – This is great for getting that brow on fleek, its a fave amongst my fave youtubers so I am curious to what the ish is about naturally, I currently use the Sleek one and honestly, it does the job too, its very affordable also incase you are on a budget or just starting out like myself.

Color Pop Liquid Lipstick – Honestly I adore its my Raye Raye and ever since her collab with color pop, my dark sisters have been on her lippy  like moths to flames and I would love to try it out also especially the Sting Raye. Basically Liquid lippies are having a moment now, the Kylie Jenner one sold out with the snap of a finger, the reviews are equally good on that one too.

So guys! There you have it, my current make up lust list off the top of my head and as suggested by some of my faves , do you have any you swear by? Let me know in the comment section, lets chat.

Best Dressed, Most Underwhelming and the Absolute Ridiculous from the AMVCAS

#amvcaDSC_5635360nobsThe AMVCAs for those not familiar with it is the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, its held yearly to honour Africans in the TV and Film industry, simply put, its to Africa what the Oscars is to the west. With the rapid growth and  explosion of African designs and designers , the fashion on the red carpet has become a lot more interesting and eye catching. AMVCA 2016 was held on Saturday the 5th of march, lots of the actors brought on their A-game, I was pretty impressed and proud of my sisters and brothers although some faves were pretty disappointing and a few were outrightly ridiculous.

#amvcaDSC_0092360nobsFor For best dressed, I am torn between Mochedda, Rita Dominic and Mercy Aigbe. I love both looks from hair to toe, these ladies slayed that red carpet, I am so impressed with Mercy though, Mochedda and Rita always come through so it was expected, I definitely now have Mercy on my radar and would be looking forward to future red carpet looks from her. Continue reading Best Dressed, Most Underwhelming and the Absolute Ridiculous from the AMVCAS