Autumn Style – Borrowed from the Boys

img_4944Let me give you guys a little gist on this outfit, so the other day, I was looking for this cute lace bomber jacket I recently got for my baby girl from HM, its jacket season and I cant seem to find it in my daughter’s wardrobe. The last time she wore it was during our holiday at Chessington park so I thought I might as well check the bag we travelled with just incase I forgot to unpack it. So I unzipped the bag, saw this this Tee and my mind, the one thats always style ready went oh wow! This Tee is bang on trend! So I took it out, my mind already racing ahead of itself with all the styling options available for it to slay this humble tee.  Continue reading Autumn Style – Borrowed from the Boys

Autumn Haul – New In From HM, Public Desire, Mac Beauty and More


Hello Lovelies! September is here and as much as I Love summer, I know its time to start letting go and making preparation for the cold (sad face smiley here) . To make me feel better though, I do some retail therapy, lol.

I recently bought some amazing beauty and fashion stuff and thought it would be pretty mean of me not to share  with you guys you know, I have also linked the available items on my youtube channel.Click the dropdown to view them. Thanks for watching.

PS- Those Public desire boots are so comfortable and so pretty, they are my new favourite thing right now.

Welcoming Autumn in Monochrome Style!

img_4863 Hello lovelies, so I finally decided, style posts will be up every monday, Yes! So check in every monday for your usual style fix every week. Amen! I recently got this shirt from HM and I am in Love! The shirt is so lovely and so stylish, it was the perfect shirt to welcome Autumn. I decided to style it with this tailored track inspired pants from New Look for a tailored sporty trend look, what do you think? Yay? Continue reading Welcoming Autumn in Monochrome Style!

Autumn/Fall Makeup Routine – Brown Gold Eyes and Dark Berry Lips


Hello Everyone, how are you doing? The change in the season calls for a change in our makeup routine as well as our style, so as we begin to pile on the outfits upon one another aka layering, our makeup also starts getting darker … . I love summer and wish we could have summer all year long but then I also am a very positive person and believe in making the best of every season and situation, therefore, on that note, I went Fall/autumn Lipstick as well outfit shopping. Today, I am sharing with you lovelies this look that I have been rocking lately, I shared it on my social media and the love on it was immense.

Continue reading Autumn/Fall Makeup Routine – Brown Gold Eyes and Dark Berry Lips

Summer Style – Yellow Yellow

img_4846 Hi lovelies, what’s up? I am good, I feel like its been a while but its just been a week. If you have noticed by now, I post an outfit on here once every week but I am try to go a notch higher and start posting on a particular day so that you guys can know when to check in for that outfit post, ofcourse other posts such as trend chat,beauty and youtube videos will come up every other day . I am thinking Sunday but I will let you all know as soon as I decide.  Continue reading Summer Style – Yellow Yellow

Summer Style – The Shirt Dress

IMG_4781What can I say? Rihanna made me do it, I mean ever since I saw Riri in her white dress on that date with Drake just after her Vma performance and award, I have been obsessed with recreating the look, I mean I did have an oversized white shirt in my wardrobe, who knew that belting it would make all the difference here huh? So what do you guys think? slayed or Slayed?

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AW Wardrobe Must Have – The Boyfriend Style Cotton Shirt

Zac Posen

So this seems to be rearing up to be a huge trend this Autumn season, the shirt comes in various different colors and cuts, my fave though is the white variation. The shirt comes with long cuffs and best left uncuffed. Continue reading AW Wardrobe Must Have – The Boyfriend Style Cotton Shirt

Double Denim Swag

IMG_4736Hi Everyone, hope you are all good and snatching wigs, getting your life and being an all round boss. For some reason I feel like today is Monday, I guess its because of the bank holiday yesterday. Anyhoo I just want to quickly share with you guys this double denim duo that I am simply obsessed with, I love that top so much, I mean its off the shoulder, its denim and its got ruffles also, seriously whats not to love? Continue reading Double Denim Swag

Summer Style – The Dashiki

IMG_4613Hello Lovelies, its been a pretty while, apologies I have been on holiday, swamped with kids and been so busy . The holiday is over and so its  back to regular posting schedule of a minimum of one new post every week. I am also thinking of picking a day for the post, I am yet to decide on that, I will let you all know when I do. Continue reading Summer Style – The Dashiki

Summer Style – The Colorful Maxi Skirt

IMG_4396Hi everyone, hope you had a great weekend and set for the new week ahead. I am ok, my mother -in-law left last weekend, she has been with us for almost a year now , helping out with the little one and all so her leaving kind of leaves me a bit in the lurch coping with the lil one all by myself but we are doing fine, we seriously have no choice but to really.   Continue reading Summer Style – The Colorful Maxi Skirt