Summer Style – The Dashiki

IMG_4613Hello Lovelies, its been a pretty while, apologies I have been on holiday, swamped with kids and been so busy . The holiday is over and so its  back to regular posting schedule of a minimum of one new post every week. I am also thinking of picking a day for the post, I am yet to decide on that, I will let you all know when I do. Continue reading Summer Style – The Dashiki

Summer Style – The Colorful Maxi Skirt

IMG_4396Hi everyone, hope you had a great weekend and set for the new week ahead. I am ok, my mother -in-law left last weekend, she has been with us for almost a year now , helping out with the little one and all so her leaving kind of leaves me a bit in the lurch coping with the lil one all by myself but we are doing fine, we seriously have no choice but to really.   Continue reading Summer Style – The Colorful Maxi Skirt

Summer Style – Cold Shoulder

IMG_4382Hi lovelies, whats good today? I am like in a better place this week, my blog is picking up and I am finally starting to make some bucks off this blog, you dont know how exciting that feels haha! I just want to say a big thank you to every one who kept with me, through the times I was inconsistent with my posting, the times I wasn’t sure what direction to take my blog, I am still figuring it out but you know everytime I logged on and saw the page visits, I knew I had to keep at it. Thank you for every share, every like, yall are MVPs! Continue reading Summer Style – Cold Shoulder

Summer Style – Gold Pants


Hi everyone, the sun is blasting here in London yall, we had the hottest day of the year so far this week, I am totally enjoying this warm weather like I aint complaining. I feel like everyone is bitching on the weather, saying how hot it is, how they cant stand the hotness anymore and I am like wait, am I the only one actually enjoying and lapping up all of this warmth? Seriously am I? I honestly do not mind if the whole of July/August remains this way, I want to get all of the sun and heat that I can while the summer season lasts, plus it also helps that you know, I get to walk about in as little as nothing, in a tank top and all of the breezy pants/shorts I can lay my hands on and if they come in shiny golden metallic tiny prints gorgeousness like my pants here, I seriously honestly cant complain hehe.

P.S, there is a vlog of me in this outfit currently up on my youtube channel here, do check it out and please SUBSCRIBE. Take care of you and I will se yall soonish. Continue reading Summer Style – Gold Pants

What I Wore – Oversized White Shirt

IMG_3784 (2)

Hello Fashionatiis, you good?How is life and hope you are all chasing your dreams, taking it one step at a time? I am quite excited today, this month has been filled with lots good news for me and I hope it flows from me to all of you reading this blog.

I got this top from Zara a while ago, I just loved the fit, if you are subscribed to my youtube channel already then you would have seen this shirt in my very first haul video. I love how though the shirt is baggy/oversized, it hugs the body, making sure to show off you silhouette, it can worn with jeans or even shorts as I have styled it in a Lookbook coming soon . Continue reading What I Wore – Oversized White Shirt

How Tote Bags Represent Modern Age Women

Leah Melby Clinton wrote an interesting piece on Glamour Magazine about the link between how a woman carries her purse and her personality. One defining example cited the way movie actress Diane Kruger held her seemingly heavy Chanel tote bag and had to lean a certain direction in order to adjust her weight. According to the article, this method echoes the significance of a woman’s profession and the effort she exerts in fulfilling her passion.

In a way, tote bags are like the cute yet highly determined baby sisters of the more professional briefcases. These handbags are roomy enough to mix office necessities with all the women’s essentials, but still maintain proper sophistication and elegance in a work environment. Each year, with its versatility and style, totes become more and more popular – not to mention, expensive. So much so that a renowned website featuring contemporary fashion bags began offering viable alternatives for women on a budget.

When it comes to its general idea and design, carrying a tote bag is like having two purses wrapped in one convenient little handbag. Basics highlight classic materials such as leather and matte leather, while others showcase different fabrics to add a definitive twist to its style. The combination of magnetic closure on the outside and inner zip pockets of a typical tote bag allows women to easily whip out everyday items when the need arises and keep all the essentials safely tucked inside. In terms of the overall look, majority of these purses feature simple tones that go well with almost any outfit. On the other hand, there are those with monochrome geometric patterns and/or tassels that bring out a cooler, more distinctive characteristic.

All in all, no matter the price, the design, or the material, totes give women a practical option that doesn’t offset their personal style. As a matter of fact, these types of purse magnify the fine lines that blur professionalism and casualness, as well as convenience and grace. To an extent, tote bags also mirror the modern age woman: beautiful yet strong-minded, practical yet stylish, and simple with a hint of fierceness in them.

*Guest Post



How To Dress Well On A Budget

Hello  guys! how is everyone today? This post has been up on my youtube channel for over a while now, I don’t know how I forgot to post it up here also so yall can check it out too. A lot of times, we think that we need tonnes of money to look good, to dress well or to be stylish, its so not true guys, hence that very popular phrase “money cant buy you  style”. Ofcourse, money can buy you a stylist, who can they then style you up.

However, if you cant afford a stylist and frankly don’t have lots of money but would love to kill it everytime, looking like a money bag, dressing like a million dollar babe on a tenner budget then you are welcome to try out these tips. Since moving to the UK, getting pregnant, having a baby, I haven’t worked a day, I love fashion, I love to dress up and slay every single time and these are some of the tips that work for me. Let me know what you think guys, thanks for watching and I will see you guys soon! Dont forget to SUBSCRIBE! XX.

Fiery Red

IMG_4088Hello Fashionatiis, how are you all doing? And to my Muslim friends, Happy Ramadan once again. I havent been very active here, my apologies love, I will try and make amends but you know what? I have super active over at the youtube channel, you should keep up with me there, this look for example has been up on there for over a month now and has garnered over two thousand views, woot woot! So check out my youtube channel here and subscribe!!! Thanks.

IMG_4079 (2)IMG_4094This dress is from the HM spring summer collection, I will check on the website and see if its still available and link it up for yall. I am all about bright , bold colors and breezy pieces to hide the bump from all the junk and ice cream I intend to lap up this season, fortunately it seems like the summer has finally arrived in Britain , I am super excited. Also I have been shopping and working on a haul video I will be sharing with you all super soon so stay preened for that. Subscribe to youtube channel or my email letter to get my posts as soon as I upload them. Thanks for checking out your girl, stay chic, stay bright and I will see you guys soon. muah. IMG_4111 IMG_4104 IMG_4101

sandals – (old), Bag – Asos, Dress – Hm old but similar and even cuter here

Talking Daddy Issues and Celebrating Father’s Day

IMG_2794 (2)

I started celebrating Father’s day only recently because frankly, I had nothing and no reason to celebrate it in the past. Nope my father is still alive but we never had that father – daughter relationship, bond,love or whatever it is that fathers and daughters share, I have no memories of my father and I laughing or playing together, none whatsoever, the only memories I have are those where I am been scolded, beaten, talked down on , called a useless child and so on, anyway you get the general idea. Basically what I had was this man who gave birth to me and thankfully payed my fees through school, I am super grateful for that as I am quite aware that it could have been worse. Continue reading Talking Daddy Issues and Celebrating Father’s Day

Five Chic Ways To Style Sneakers For Spring / Summer


Hi guys! Summer time is finally upon us here even though as I am beginning to understand, its never really summer here in the Great Britain, you could be enjoying 23 degrees weather this minute, sweating the hell and loving it, next thing you know, same day, in the blink of an eye, the weather turns grey, it starts to rain and its suddenly cold, so a jacket is always a handy accessory regardless of the weather. That said, I am super grateful for every drop of sunshine and lapping it up as much as I can.    Continue reading Five Chic Ways To Style Sneakers For Spring / Summer