Autumn Style – Grey Tones

img_5185 Oh well, I suppose by now you guys already know I am obsessed with these white boots, I swear I plan my outfits around them, I wanna wear them everyday , with everything I can be quite like that, my mum used to call me “Aluta agboho, achupu agadi” which translates “marry a new  wife and forget the old ones” lol, because I would buy a new thing especially bags or shoes and wont stop wearing them, I would completely abandon the others, you would think that was the only shoe or bag I owned till I got bored. Continue reading Autumn Style – Grey Tones

Autumn Style Series – Ruffles and Denims

img_2181Hello lovelies, how have you been? On Saturday I got a ticket to attend the Stylist Live event, courtesy the the lovely and eclectic Stephanie of the blog  – She is such a lovely soul. We had loads of fun, the highlight however was the trend show, omg, the styling literally blew my mind, I would post that on my channel, there is a vlog coming soon aii, so make sure to subscribe here Continue reading Autumn Style Series – Ruffles and Denims

Autumn Style Series- How to Wear the Floral Dress

img_5114I have been going through the AW 16 runway archive over at vogue and I have noticed something interesting about the styling this season, I find that there is a juxtaposition of the girly girl with the tough baddie girl. Lovely floral dresses were styled with chunky boots, menswear shirt with midi skirt, leather and lace, a mix of hard and soft and I am so down with this, it blends so well with my personal aesthetics, not too girly, not too hardcore, a medium place and thats what I did with this floral ruffled maxi dress from HM, I styled it with the chunkiest boots I own incidentally also from HM and this boyish coat from ahem, HM also. Lol! Continue reading Autumn Style Series- How to Wear the Floral Dress

Autumn Style – Ripped Denim and Ruffles

img_5088I didn’t realize this until a friend pointed it out to me recently,  half of my wardrobe is from HM and the store isn’t even the closest to my home. I am always drawn to their pieces, it also helps that their price points is very favourable to my small pocket.  Continue reading Autumn Style – Ripped Denim and Ruffles

Autumn Style – Suede x Leather x Red

img_5032Hi everyone, how is your week, cant believe its Thursday already, this year is on a race with itself, it just keeps skipping by, its literally faster than Usain Bolt, Whaa? I mean its October already, next thing you know we are all wishing each other merry xmas, then its happy new year, whoaa! I am terrified, are you? Continue reading Autumn Style – Suede x Leather x Red

Autumn Style – Inspired by Nigeria’s Independence Day

img_5062Today is Nigeria’s independence day and even though the current state of the country leaves a bad taste in the mouth, it is still home, it is still roots and so we gats to celebrate her! I am really sorry this post is coming a bit late , my sincere apologies, I dont know how the thought to do a shoot for this memorable day skipped my mind. I blame it on mum brain (sticks tongue out).  Continue reading Autumn Style – Inspired by Nigeria’s Independence Day

Autumn Style – Borrowed from the Boys

img_4944Let me give you guys a little gist on this outfit, so the other day, I was looking for this cute lace bomber jacket I recently got for my baby girl from HM, its jacket season and I cant seem to find it in my daughter’s wardrobe. The last time she wore it was during our holiday at Chessington park so I thought I might as well check the bag we travelled with just incase I forgot to unpack it. So I unzipped the bag, saw this this Tee and my mind, the one thats always style ready went oh wow! This Tee is bang on trend! So I took it out, my mind already racing ahead of itself with all the styling options available for it to slay this humble tee.  Continue reading Autumn Style – Borrowed from the Boys

Autumn Haul – New In From HM, Public Desire, Mac Beauty and More


Hello Lovelies! September is here and as much as I Love summer, I know its time to start letting go and making preparation for the cold (sad face smiley here) . To make me feel better though, I do some retail therapy, lol.

I recently bought some amazing beauty and fashion stuff and thought it would be pretty mean of me not to share  with you guys you know, I have also linked the available items on my youtube channel.Click the dropdown to view them. Thanks for watching.

PS- Those Public desire boots are so comfortable and so pretty, they are my new favourite thing right now.

Welcoming Autumn in Monochrome Style!

img_4863 Hello lovelies, so I finally decided, style posts will be up every monday, Yes! So check in every monday for your usual style fix every week. Amen! I recently got this shirt from HM and I am in Love! The shirt is so lovely and so stylish, it was the perfect shirt to welcome Autumn. I decided to style it with this tailored track inspired pants from New Look for a tailored sporty trend look, what do you think? Yay? Continue reading Welcoming Autumn in Monochrome Style!

Autumn/Fall Makeup Routine – Brown Gold Eyes and Dark Berry Lips


Hello Everyone, how are you doing? The change in the season calls for a change in our makeup routine as well as our style, so as we begin to pile on the outfits upon one another aka layering, our makeup also starts getting darker … . I love summer and wish we could have summer all year long but then I also am a very positive person and believe in making the best of every season and situation, therefore, on that note, I went Fall/autumn Lipstick as well outfit shopping. Today, I am sharing with you lovelies this look that I have been rocking lately, I shared it on my social media and the love on it was immense.

Continue reading Autumn/Fall Makeup Routine – Brown Gold Eyes and Dark Berry Lips