Product Review /New In – Olay Regenerist Super Renewal Elixir Daily Treatment Night


I recently resolved to do more about my skin, as we grow older, our bodies demand we take care of them or they wither, fine lines start to appear on the face, previously flat stomachs develop pouches out of nowhere, good genes are suddenly no longer enough. We discover that to keep fit, retain the flat tummy, have that flawless skin and keep aging some light years away, we need to put in the works. Some of you may be wondering why anti-aging though? Surely you are not that old yet? True! But research have shown that the earlier you start with the anti-aging creams, the better and that as we grow older, serums are better night creams as they are easily absorbed into the skin. Read More

There is a hint of truth to it , The Kardashian-Jenners are America’s First Family

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I mean I clearly see the humour here, what with Kanye just declaring his decision to run for the Presidency in 2020. Lol! But then humour apart, I dont think any other family in America holds the sort of socio cultural influence this family has, though they are always in the news, they remain a huge hit with public. America and the world are obsessed with the Kardashian-Jenner girls, what they wore? What they eat? Who they are sleeping with, Whether their ass, or their lips are fake or real?Online magazines have confessed that news featuring the Kardashians – Jenner clan always brings the most hits, I was very surprised to learn from Fashion Bomb Daily, a hugely black subscribed online blog that though the Kardashians get the most hate on her blog, they also get the most hit. Read More

OOTD – Our Second Anniversary

IMG_2743Hi all! I was determined that this post goes up before midnight and before I go off to sleep. Today was our anniversary, started the day with a huge kiss, then I went off to the kitchen to make us some homemade pizza, posted the picture on my instagram, it was yum! Emeka surprised me with some roses, they were so lovely! ManU almost ruined the day but (rolls eyes), I did not let them. We left Nonye with her grandma and went off for dinner and a movie, we saw the Intern, it was awesome, if you love fashion and comedy, you will love it. Anna Hathaway is such a bae. I had a great day in all, I am super thankful to God for his mercy and love upon my family. Have a great week ahead guys. Xoxo Read More

OOTD Suited Up

IMG_2719Happy new Month guys, cant believe its October already, this year simply flew by. As the year draws to an end, its time for sober reflection, time to pull out the resolution for the year file and tick those you have achieved and start working towards those you are yet to. Remember what we regret are not the things we sucked at but the things we didn’t do. Dont let the fear of failure or ridicule stop you from chasing your dreams. I am basically talking to myself but if you equally find yourself in my shoes, take that leap now!

In Fashion news, the suit is back! Did they go away I hear you ask? Err… not really, the basic suits that is the black, blue and brown suits are perennially in but now the coloured suits are catching on, they don’t have to be a set, you can buy separates and match. Read More

Rihanna shuts it down at Dior SS2016 Show

imageThe Bitch Better Have My Money singer killed the FROW at Dior SS2016 showing in her pink cape dress with fur sleeve and patent over the knees boots. If you think I am exaggerating, check out those men behind her. By the way, if you are still in doubt as to fall’s boot of choice, doubt no more, its the OTK boots. Get it in suede or go bold like Riri and get it in Patent. Read More

OOTD Autumn Florals

IMG_2716I got this silk set from a vintage shop in Helsinki, Finland last year for under 10 euros I cant remember the exact amount? Its pure silk, the quality is just so high end, I couldn’t believe my luck. Unfortunately, I couldn’t wear them last summer, I was pregnant then and the buttons just wouldn’t close, I was saving them for this summer when I am trim and back to size , it feels really good to be able to fit into pre pregnancy clothes. Read More

What to wear to an Independence day get together

Independence day outfit inspiration
Tomorrow is independent day in my country Nigeria, I wish I had an independent day outfit post lined up for the event unfortunately I dont. The colors of our national flag are green and white, so I thought I would make a style inspiration post incorporating these colors and hopefully inspire someone. The first look is very glam chic, it could be dressed down too, simply switch the heels for a white trainers. The second look below is very casual chic, if your intention is to visit friends and eat to your hearts content, the loose maxi is your friend.


Jean Muir silver shirt £230 –

Denim jacket
£55 –

River Island high-waisted jeans
£53 –

Black pumps

Prada handbag
£1,085 –

Valentino silk scarve

How to wear the Pyjama Trend

Selena Gomez PajamasThe Pyjama trend is a dicey one, how do you take your sleepwear from the bed to the street in style? I was so taken in with Selena Gomez who wore actual pyjamas and totally nailed it as well as this streetstyle maven below from Milan fashion week. I suppose some of you are also loving the trend but not quite sure how to approach it. I am here to help, I did some research and here is how you nail the pyjama trend.Milan Fashion Week Street Style SS16: Candela Novembre

  • Pay attention to the fit and fabric : This is very important, the fabric needs to be luxe. I would advise you go for a silk option, its always very flattering , you can also go for boxy fabrics.
  • Pay attention to the fit : You need to make sure the fit is right on the money, you want a streamlined fit, nothing baggy and shapeless like the actual ones we wear at home.
  • Make sure your hair is laid : Keep the I woke up like this look strictly to your pyjamas, make sure your hair is neat and tidy.
  • Wear Make up – You can either go for the natural look or full on make up, the important thing is that your face looks groomed.
  • Wear with statement accessories : Let your shoes and bag tell a different story, this look works better with heels, they give a sexy appeal to it, add on a statement bag for that extra Oomph.

OOTD – All black kinda day

IMG_2701 (2)The sleeveless jacket is a very good transitional piece, perfect on a tank  for the hot summer days, great to wear on light weight long sleeved tops as the temps drop and thrown over a bulky jumper as it drops even further.  Read More


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