What I wore- Double Denim et Peplum affair

???????????????????????????????If you love Peplums as much as I do and find a peplum top in denim, you don’t think, you just go ahead and grab it. I have my fears with belle bottom pants, I mean I love that fashion but I always feel like it’s a bit risque for a petite and thick girl like me. That said I don’t believe you cannot not wear anything, I think its just about finding ways to make it work for your body. What I have learned over time is that I could risqué it but WITH HEELS. Its got to have an extra length to it and worn with heels to give the illusion of height. Whaddayathink?IMG_1579I would have gone for a pump to give the look that extra oomph but this day was all about running around for me and since I cannot change into my trusted flats, I had to go for my trusted and extremely comfortable wedge sandals.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I couldn’t decide which of the bootie shot to let go so I just put up both. I love my bootie like that. lol!

Denim pants – Yaba market,  Peplum top + bag- Asos, sandal and shades random.

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