What I wore- Purple Prints

20130519_174137Becoming a style blogger has definitely made me more aware of my surroundings. As I walk down the street, I am checking out views and corners and thinking this or that  would make a good drop for an outfit post. It was while on one of such strolls with my mate that I came across this view, the street was kinda deserted and I thought to my self, this view would make for an outfit post sometime, I checked myself out and thought actually why not now? So I gave my mate a sly look and went “errm this is a great view for a good pix isn’t it?” Lol at the look on his face cause he knew exactly what was coming next as I had already started digging through my bag in search of my camera. And as I thought, the backdrop was lovely. A big thank you to all my friends who always spare me those few minutes of their time taking my pictures, you guys know I appreciate yall.20130519_17444920130519_17415120130519_17420620130519_17442120130519_17442720130519_17451920130519_174452

I cant get enough of that strappy sandal and the fact that it is nude makes it just perfect. It fits with everything. Hope you are having a great Saturday. My fab Saturday is just about to begin. Le boo is in town. Woohoo!

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Pants- Balogun market, bag- gift , sandals- Newlook.

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