Think Velvet and Gold Metallics.

20130525_174817I am still on leave. I go to bed as late as 3 pm and wake as late as 11 am, the life :D. I am just so sad this would be over soon.  My leave is for two weeks while one week was spent gallivanting up and down Lagos and Nigeria, the other week I am  spending at home sleeping, catching up on movies and books. I need that peace before the craziness of work and Lagos life sets in again.This outfit was during my gallivanting week, wore this hook up with the boo and family. Love how the gold metallic sandals elevated the simple Tee and pant combo. What do you think?IMG_1609IMG_161220130525_17481720130525_174454

Pant, shoe and top – here, bag- thrifted.

Thanks for stopping by, xoxo.

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