What I wore – Kente pant Suit


A quick post on what I wore to work yesterday. I couldnt sleep and after wasting two hours of my time watching these ridiculous movie starring the beautiful Jackie Appiah, sigh… I sincerely give up on African movie, its not like they don’t have good story lines, its just that somewhere along the line, they lost the plot and then proceed to end the story as they deem  fit so that at the end of the movie, one is left confused, disappointed and angry , very angry because once again you have wasted two irredeemable hours on something so mediocre and ill thought out.IMG_1236

Anyway I digress, I figured since I couldn’t sleep, I might as well edit and post this picture of what I wore to work yesterday I am so grateful to Tomiwa my colleague who allowed  me inconvenience and badger him into taking my pix.IMG_1244

Since I hardly go to church these days, due to my unpredictable work scheduling, I have decided to wear my African fabrics and style to work on Fridays so expect more of this. I have always wanted a two piece pant suit so I got my Tailor to make, I have had this material occupying space in my wardrobe for a while now, figured about time I put it use here. Have a great Weekend guys. IMG_1240IMG_1229IMG_1233

Bag and Shoes- Zara, Pant suit – designed by me.

3 thoughts on “What I wore – Kente pant Suit”

  1. My dear I must say u r glowing. Marriage gud ooo. Anyway bak 2 d mata @ hand, d print is lovely n d style itself is a perfect execution. It suits u perfectly.

  2. Nelo dear I must say u re glowing. Marriage gud ooo. Anyway bak 2 d mata @ hand; d print is lovely n its execution is perfect. It suits u perfectly.
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