What I wore – Purple Jumpsuit


Oh yes I did! I swept Lagos clean with my pants. Seriously I don’t think this jumpsuit would look half as nice with the length shortened though I would wear with a longer heeled shoe next time. I was too obsessed with matching the gold captoe of the shoes to my accessories to think of functionality. Anyway thankfully I went from Cab to the venue of the wedding reception, venue to cab and cab to home, so No I didn’t sweep Lagos clean yet. This question of functionality over aesthetics brings to mind a conversation I had with my sister this morning.

She had a wedding to attend and after we had set out what she was going to wear to stun the hell at that wedding yesterday, I left her and went off to a beach party. I came home only to find that she ditched the shoes – a multicolored sequinned shoe I picked specifically to create the wow factor for her chosen outfit – a black jumpsuit, for a plain black shoe she claimed was functional aka very comfortable. I was mad ofcourse, she had ruined everything, lol.

When it boils down to choice, aesthetics vs functionality, what do you go for? I am sure you already know my answer.IMG_1258IMG_1256IMG_1255IMG_1261

PS – Is that a side tummy I spy there? Omg! Now Wailing! If only wailing would take that tummy fat away. Gosh I really need to do this work out thing religiously. Growing older is such a bitch.

Jumpsuit – Asos, Shoes – 6pm.com, clutch – old.

6 thoughts on “What I wore – Purple Jumpsuit”

  1. Nelo u beta deal wit dat handle b4 it bcomes a full blown tire. I wasn’t so cautious n nw I’m like an over bloated elephant. I tink d trouser is toooo long, one wuld c d Genevieve disaster almost brewing. Jst take away some few inches frm it though, I tink. It just might luk beta. By d way I didn’t recognise u frm d pix u had ur back turned 2 d camera wit ur face cut off. I culd swear it was one of dez American starlets. Reason being ur complexion came out so well. Mayb u shld consider ur camera n its flash cos I tink dey may nt b telling d whole story if u knw wat I mean. In all u r wowing!!!

    1. Thanks Henri, Lmao @ overbloated elephant. I swear its not easy oo but thankfullu today I got my lazy behind up early today and skipped for a while before heading off to work. Thanks @ American starlet :D. I think it had to with the positioning of the camera and the sun. I need to understand this my camera tho.

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