How I style – Cool-ottes

IMG_1976Hi all! Like my turban? I hope so because tying it was no mean feat I tell you. Culottes are very bang on trend this season, though they can be quite tricky to pull off if you are curvy, you know got hips and thighs and petite like I am. I got this denim ones online from FandF and I love it. I love that the denim is so soft and so moves with the body,  the length is just right, hits just above the knees elongating my legs and because the culottes is quite baggy, to balance the proportion, I paired it with a form fitting croptop which was quite ambitious on my part seeing as I am yet to fully get back my pre pregnancy flat abs back but hey! Its just fashion, its never that serious or is it?IMG_1983 IMG_1988 IMG_1992IMG_1997 IMG_2000 IMG_2004Culottes – on sale here, pumps – Asos here, crop top – Miss Selfridges on sale, Turban – all me, bag – HM

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