How to Loose Pregnancy Weight

IMG_1983Hi everyone, I trust your week has been great thus far. I am addressing this issue on the blog today because I have gotten quite a number of mails, Facebook messages from you all asking how I snapped back so fast. I am quite flattered guys I must say (pouting and batting eyelids). As some of you may know or not know already, I am currently five months post pregnancy.

I am no fitness junkie , matter of fact, the month I finally dragged my ass to a gym, curtsey the hubby was the month I discovered I was pregnant. I was informed that the first three months were very delicate and so I should refrain from any sort of gym activity. I however took to walking for an hour daily. I did this for most of the first three months of my pregnancy also known as the first trimester.

In my second semester, I thought of resuming gym activities again, nothing strenuous but the gym policy does not allow pregnant women in without a letter from the GP and so I gave up. I however searched YouTube for second trimester cardio and toning workouts. I found this one from Denise Austin which I made sure to do atleast five times weekly. I loved the exercises, they were very moderate and made me feel so good afterwards. I also continued with my walks.

Lest I forget, very importantly, while pregnant I did some research on how to snap back after pregnancy , I discovered the Pregnancy weight gain calculator, this works with your pregnancy weight Body Mass Index, BMI to let you know how much weight you are expected to gain during the course of your pregnancy, sticking to the weight requirement according to most women helped with getting their body back after baby.

During my pregnancy, I was always eating but to help with the weight gain, I made sure to eat in small batches, always had breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacked a lot on fruits, I made sure my diets was very rich in veggies and drank lots of water, a minimum of 1.5litres daily.

During the course of my pregnancy my weight shot up to 84kg from 71kg which would mean that I gained a total of 13Kg  during the course of my pregnancy, this was just the weight gain requirement advised by the pregnancy weight gain calculator and today my weight is at 68.3Kg.  I am hoping to still get to 65kg. I reckon I would stop there .

Some of you might be wondering, why I am going on about the pregnancy period when I should be giving the juice on how I got my body back after pregnancy. I am basically doing this because I honestly believe that it is as a result of the steps I took while pregnant as well as the steps I am currently undertaking after pregnancy. I would go into the after pregnancy steps in another post. I really hope this was helpful, kindly let me know in the comment section, I would really appreciate it. Also my fellow mums in the house could weigh in, let’s learn from one another. the concluding part here

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