How to loose pregnancy weight (my story) Contd

IMG-20150621-WA0009I am so sorry this is coming late. In my defence, caring for the little one is never easy. We have just established a routine where I put her bed at night and she actually sleeps for a while before she starts screaming for me. I will jump into this post as I cant afford to ramble, time is a very scarce commodity when you have a little one or little ones as the case maybe. I tell all of you who are yet to have kids, ENJOY YOURSELF NOW TO THE HILT! Because when the little one comes along, time alone will be a memory.

Firstly I will give credit to breastfeeding. I breastfed my little one exclusively for five months and have only just introduced her solids. I am still breastfeeding her and will do so until she starts to grow teeth, she is a late bloomer in that regards. It is said that breastfeeding helps to shrink the womb and aids weight loss along with all other numerous health benefits both for baby and mum. I hear some people worry breastfeeding will cause their boobs to loose elasticity and droop, that’s one big fat lie, nature will eventually have her way and as my people will say and what goes up must surely come down, however you can buy yourself time by investing in a good nursing bra, wear it 247, Yes I said 247, you only take it off to shower! I sleep with mine, wake with it and breastfeed my baby with it and I am happy to announce that the breasts are still quite perky,though not as firm .IMG_2229 (2)Secondly I was fortunate to get introduced to this Facebook group – SOYOUTHINKYOUCANCOOK [SYTYCC] – immediately after birthing my little one. I learnt alot from the group I owe my weight loss success story to them honestly. The secret to weight loss my people is really simple, it all begins and ends with your diet. In mathematical terms,  loosing weight is 80% your diet and 20% exercises. I used to think eating healthy was all boring and tasteless but that’s so far from the truth. The group opened my eyes to loads of wonderful low caloric meals out there , very tasty, very delicious yet really healthy. For example, Bulgur wheat for Jollof instead of white rice. I also learned about portion control and guys this is very essential. I remember before I joined the group, my idea of dieting was to have Tea and a pack or two of crackers biscuit for breakfast, a large plate poundo or rice with stew for lunch and about 7 or 8 large bananas for dinner or sometimes I would have a whole Pine apple or Paw paw. Hahahaha, I was so freaking naive. I would do all this and wonder why the weight is not letting off, I had no idea of the amount of calories contained in this fruits.Thanks to them, I am better educated on what’s healthy and what’s not and constantly seeking ways to prepare healthy variations of meals that I love. The idea is to create a lifestyle not a quick fix. For example,  I still eat bread, I couldn’t do without it but wholemeal instead of white flour bread, I bake my own bread even so I am in control of the salt, sugar and milk used. Almond unsweetened milk instead of whole milk, Basmati rice for all my rice meals instead of the usual long grain rice, more and more veggies with my food, I cant remember the last time I made our usual red stew, its always vegetable stew for me and my family now. I actively seek ways to reduce my carbohydrate intake, increase my protein, cook with little or no oil , baking instead of frying, chicken and fish over meats and on and on. If you have an android or Iphone, you can download myfitness app to help keep count of your calories intake. You will be amazed at the calories contained in some of our food.IMG_2311Thirdly, no weight loss or weight management journey is complete without exercise! As a new mum with no help whatsoever and a full time working hubby, I had zilch time to work out but that did not deter me. I would put my baby in her buggy and walk atleast five days weekly for a minimum of 30 mins round the town and back. Sometimes when my baby and my lazy ass allows, I would do some dance exercise and burn atleast 300 calories during the dancing.IMG_2388That basically is IT! It was all about switching up my lifestyle, becoming more aware of my diet, eating healthy, recognizing that loosing weight is not a quick fix but rather a journey, something I would love to do for a lifetime. I am currently on 66.4kg, check out my first post here to see how much I have lost thus far. I am looking to loose more weight especially around my thighs…sighs… and get my abs on fleek .  I know that to do this would require dedicated work outs. My mum in-law will be visiting next week so I will be getting some help with my baby. I hope to pick up running and make time for the gym hopefully. People talk about how running can be quite addictive when you get the hang of it. I am looking forward to getting addicted. Amen. I will definitely keep you guys in the loop.

Finally, this journey requires motivation. I would suggest you join a group or start one with other people interested in a healthier lifestyle so you can share ideas, workouts, recipes, encourage one another, check on each other and pull yourselves up incase anyone falls off the wagon as its so easy to do.  So yeah, that’s it, I hope this helps.

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