Product Review – Aldi's Lacura Gentle Face wash Gel

IMG_2597Recently I decided I needed to up my make up game, you know go the whole nine yards and so I dusted my foundation,bought a concealer, contour and high lighting kits basically all that the fancy make up vloggers or youtubbers recommend for starters. The downside of that was that I started breaking out badly, whiteheads on my nose, nothing seemed to help and nope, I never slept with my make up on, I always cleaned it off with make up wipes, washed with Neutrogena wash and toner, followed by a moisturiser. I have used those products for years and its always been good to me but suddenly it just wasnt enough although I did read somewhere that one needs to regularly switch up ones skin care product as they tend to stop working after a while so maybe that was the case with those .IMG_2598

Now, I have always shopped at Aldi but for some reason never paid attention to their skincare brand. On this day I decided to purchase their wipes , I loved it, my face felt supple and hydrated after use so I decided to give their washing gel a trial and boy was that the smartest thing ever? I love that it has no smell, its soapfree and after washing my face feels squeaky clean, within one week of use, the acne was all dried up and gone. I have also observed that throughout the day, my face feels smooth, hydrated and matte.

I would definitely recommend this product, its very cost effective at £1.29, it lasts one quite a while, I use it very generously day and night and a bottle lasts about a month. I would definitely be buying this product again, matter of fact, I have gone ahead and bought two packs already. This product is really that good for my oily and sensitive skin, I cant stop gushing about it. Have you tried any of Aldi skincare products? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I love their limited edition Hyaluronic Acid serum. They only carry it maybe two times a year so you have to keep a watch out for it. I always buy three or four. It has really made a difference in skin. When I run out of everything else I am using, I want to try more of their products.

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