This week's Must have – Sonique Saturday's "You Fake Like This Birkin bag"

I saw this bag on Insta and my heartbeat literally stopped and seriously guys I haven’t felt this way about material things in a bit, I just had to share with you my lovelies. The bags are gorgeous, they are large so enough space , pretty affordable at  £110 and come in various fabulous colours. These beauty will elevate the simplest of fits in an instant, think a maxi dress, or denim pants, white tee, a pair of heels, a pair of sunglasses, one of these arm candies and snap! you are so ready to hit the street style. Celebrities such as Amber Rose and Christina Milan have been seen spotting this candies. Love it? Get yours here.CDP3JCpUsAAiPQ4_original

5 thoughts on “This week's Must have – Sonique Saturday's "You Fake Like This Birkin bag"”

  1. I would like to purchase 1 of your handbags.. I live in South Africa, and i can’t seem to find a place to purchase online.. When i do find a link.. It doesn’t want to open

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