Thoughts on Rihanna’s Vivienne Westwood Lace Corset dress, Yay or Nay?

Singer Rihanna attends the RiRi by Rihanna fragranceRihanna is such a style chameleon, today she is gangster, next she is a lady, then she is peacock and its effortless. She makes her own rule and owns it, rushes in where other fashionistas steer clear and come out victorious leaving us perplexed, confused, enthralled, shaking our heads in admiration and uttering phrases like “Only Rihanna can pull of this look”. Again she done did it, she was at Macy’s Brooklyn for¬†the launch of her new perfume “Riri” ¬†wearing an 80s inspired pink lace Vivienne Westwood mini dress, complete with matching pink shoes, pastel purple Dior mini bag and stacks of jewellery.I have noticed mixed reviews regarding this outfit but I have to say I loved it. The style sort of reminded me of the off shoulder blouses my mum wore with her wrapper to church and meetings when she was growing up, matter of fact, if I was in Naija right now with access to a tailor, I would totally recreate this look as an Oleku. What’s your take though? Love it or Nah?Singer Rihanna attends the RiRi by Rihanna fragrance

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