Product Review /New In – Olay Regenerist Super Renewal Elixir Daily Treatment Night


I recently resolved to do more about my skin, as we grow older, our bodies demand we take care of them or they wither, fine lines start to appear on the face, previously flat stomachs develop pouches out of nowhere, good genes are suddenly no longer enough. We discover that to keep fit, retain the flat tummy, have that flawless skin and keep aging some light years away, we need to put in the works. Some of you may be wondering why anti-aging though? Surely you are not that old yet? True! But research have shown that the earlier you start with the anti-aging creams, the better and that as we grow older, serums are better night creams as they are easily absorbed into the skin.IMG_2760

I was watching “This Morning” on ITV the other day, they had a beauty editor on who talked about how price is not the deciding factor for effectiveness when it comes to beauty products. She mentioned how good the Olay Regenerist products are, that it contained chemicals that when absorbed into skin, triggers the skin cells to renew itself , I was just about to finish the Loreal serum I was using so I made a mental note to check out the Olay regenerist night time serum when next I visit the store.


This was  supposed to be a new in post but somehow regenerated into a review post, excuse the pun guys. I especially liked the fact that the product contains AHA acids, I have heard Youtubber Patricia Bright rave about this acid in her skin care routine video, I had clicked on her recommended product but the price was way out of my budget.  I got to my local Tesco shop and the serum was on sale , two for £35 and one for £30 , ever the savvy customer, I quickly picked up two of them.

I have used the product for four nights in a row now and here are my thoughts

  • if you are into packaging, you would not be impressed with this, its in a plain brown plastic bottle with twist out cap. it doesn’t bother me though.
  • Its 50ml which is a bonus, it means I am going to use it for a while before I think of getting another
  • Its colourless and almost odourless and comes in a gel format.
  • Its lightweight, not greasy and dissolves easily into the skin
  • After application, skin feels supple, firmer , tighter and moisturised
  • I have got a very sensitive facial skin and very wary of using products but so far, this has been good, havent experienced any break out.
  • I do not have wrinkles yet so I can not testify to its anti-aging effectiveness or not.
  • My skin is slightly clearer, not where I want it to be at yet but hey,I guess its still too early to tell.
  • The price is not bad at 2 for £35 although I have since found it comes even cheaper on Amazon.

So that’s it guys, will I buy it again? Err time will tell. So have you caught the serum bug yet? Which is your ride or die brand? Lets share tales and learn from one another . What is your take on eye creams? I am thinking of getting one but have been quite reticent because as we all know , the skin under the eyes are very delicate .

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