Hi guys! I really want to say Thank God its Friyay but the truth is I am dreading the weekend, my mum-in- law and daughter’s grandma is leaving this sunday and I am freaking out, I dont know how the hell I am going to cope with her, she has been so hands on with Nonye, carrying , singing and playing with her almost every single waking second, I bet she is going to miss her like hell, unfortunately she cant speak yet so its all gonna be in her poor little cute head.

Co-incidentally  this thrifted coat that I got for less than 10 euros from Finland reminds me of an old grandma ‘s coat so I always ensure to wear with something trendy and modern to balance it out. Speaking of coats, if you havent got money to go fancy and get yourself some brand new ones, you could check out your local charity or thrift store, you would be amazed at what you may find in there, I just got me this lovely belted camel coat from my local charity store, to say its lovely is an understatement, I cant wait to rock it and hopefully get a snap too.

IMG_2872    IMG_2903IMG_2877IMG_2878
IMG_2914 IMG_2916  IMG_2917

Have a lovely weekend guys, dont forget to leave me your lovely comments and share the post. Have a nice weekend. Xoxo!

Trouser – Zara, Shoes – Asos, Shirt – Zara


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