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I have been noticing this trend for a while now but going through the Heineken Lagos Fashion and design week and seeing the recent take on it by both men and women on the streets brought it to the fore of my consciousness once again. Once upon a time, the Agbada used to be an outfit reserved specifically for important traditional events and worn by the elderly but lately, stylish ladies and gents on the streets have found a way to tone down its seriousness and wear it for play. You all know that I am all about simple fuss free styling, hence my fascination and love for this trend, it doesnt require much styling, can easily take you from a casual event to a formal event and the best part, you dont even need to go sewing yours anew, you can borrow your Dad’s, hubby’s or brother’s or ofcourse have yours tailor made to fit as desired. 


If you dare, you could heat things up abit and take it there by showing some skin, as we all know the best way to nail the androgynyy trend is to sex it

She simply borrowed her Dad’s

I love the length on hers as it could also double up as a dress to be worn alone

Though the Agbada is men’s wear, it used to be reserved for special occasions, love how these men styled it for Lagos Fashion and design week, see  what the guy above did to it? he wore it over a crisp white shirt and tailored pant and the guy below? the style option is simply endless with the agbada, the Babanriga  or 1500 as some people call it.


Amvca 2015 red carpet Noble Igwe

Finally if  you opt to wear it the traditional way, four piece and all, I would suggest keeping the trouser ankle length and wearing  with a pair of stylish loafers to give it the now feel just like Noble Igwe’s above. So what do you think of this trend? Are you in? Feeling this trend?

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