Celebrity Style Inspiration for the week feat Kendall Jenner, Lady Gaga, Toke Makinwa and more

Hi guys, its the latest, fresh and hot instalment of this week’s celebrity inspiration post aka looks I have loved from the previous week. Without much preamble lets get right into it. Starting off my favourite looks this week is the beautiful and immaculately styled Leah Seydeoux in a fiery red coat, red top, lips and nails to match paired ever so demurely with a black leather knee length skirt and leather pumps. I love everything about this look, its such an I am the “bossness” dont mess me with me.

Nigeria sweetheart  and OAP Toke Makinwa was such a darling in a black lace off shoulder maxi dress, with green gele/headtie and matching green necklace, such a stunner and very wedding guest appropriate.


While I would not exactly wear a Tee and a boots like Kendall Jenner did there, I have to say though I mad crazy about those boots, I do love the Tee also, would throw a black or blue ripped jean under mine and now I cant wait to wear a black printed Tee and tie a black bandana as a choker round the neck, so ultra stylish.

Monica Belluci!!! But you already know Black and White is always bae , In my books, when in doubt, keep it simple, keep it chic, keep it classic, keep it black and white. I have also been noticing that paper waist line in skirts and trousers, spied some on the high streets already. I love how it defines the waist giving the illusion of that well coveted hour glass shape.

Posh spice Victoria Beckham definitely this look but then Victoria is a smashing her looks.

Hot Damn! Rosie Huttington is  fine! The model can make the most basics look so sexy with that to die for body of hers. Are those boots from the Balmain for HM collection? I am not sure.

Drumrolls!!! Yeah a dude makes it to this weeks inspiration post, I know I have some male readers, I am so sorry i hardly post anything on guys, its definitely not intentional  I just never deliberately check out men style but Justin Timberlake in this outfit definitely grabbed my attention, I love the styling of the tan boots on the black denim, crisp white buttoned up shirt and black blazer, the fit is spot on. I likey! Hope you guys do too.

Last but not least is Lady gaga who has definitely toned  down her style in recent times, I have to say that I am a new fan of her toned down style, take the look above, ankle length pants styled with a black pump and worn over a simple white roll neck top and without running the risk of sounding so monotonous, is just so chic, pardon me guys, I love that word, I mean its the aspiration of every fashionista to be chic and effortless, No?

Image credit – HarpersBazaar.com, Toke Makinwa Instagram

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  1. I love first outfit mix of red jacket and black leather skirt❤️ But I don’t have red jacket and I think I am maybe to small at 5’2″ for this look, this is a bigger style to work I think.

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