Khaki Green


This look reminded me of the Nigerian Youth Service Commission (NYSC) uniform aka Corper’s uniform. For the benefit of my non Nigerian readers, every Nigerian graduate is expected to spend a year serving the country before you proceed to getting a real job. The service year requires we wear a uniform akin to what I am wearing now, as we walk about the streets in this uniform, we would be hailed randomly and called CORPERSHON! The program requires we spend three weeks in a camp undergoing some sort of military training by soldiers known as Platoon commandants after which we are posted off to different villages and cities in the state to go serve our fatherland. It is usually a fun  year, I was fortunate to serve in a bank in Kaduna  city where we were paid handsomely and because the branch was doing very well and making profits, there wasn’t much pressure on the corpers and staff to go sourcing for funds. My service year was a very fun and crazy year. I had loads of fun and met a number of interesting people some of whom have remained very good friends till date. IMG_2974IMG_2986

How cute are these boots from Topshop? They are also very comfortable, I could trek forever in them and as a buggy pushing mum who isn’t flats crazy, this boots are a winner, if you are looking for comfortable boots with heels, snap this pair up.

I have wanted a khaki jumpsuits forever, the moment I spotted this one at HM, I didn’t blink, I just snapped them up, they were the last pair remaining and fortunately in my size too, I cant wait to wear it again and style it differently, I am thinking with a faux fur coat and pointy heels, something more girly and less ‘combatish’. I am not a fan of wearing same clothes same way and that’s exactly why I love buying separates, with Jumpsuits and dresses though, its challenging and fun thinking out ways to style them differently.
IMG_2937IMG_2936IMG_2933        IMG_2976IMG_2935

Jumpsuit – HM here, boots – Topshop here

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