Little Black Dress

IMG_3024A lot of bloggers gush on how Autumn is their best season of the year because it means they get to burst out all the lovely  coats sitting pretty in their wardrobe, while Autumn is not my favourite season, I love summer, I totally agree with the bursting out the coat sentiments. I have had this coat since last year, got it on ebay for 20pounds , didn’t wear it at all because it felt too heavy and dowdy on my pregnant self, by the way ebay is a great place for scoring great coats at very good price.IMG_3012 IMG_2993This little black darling has been sitting in my wardrobe all summer long, I never got to wear it then because I was more into wearing all the colors I could then. This Autumn is all about boycotting the tights and opting for otk boots instead, I decided to try it out with the lbd and ofcourse a long coat and I was surprised with how very warm I actually felt. IMG_3022IMG_3001OTKS are a must have for this season and I finally jumped on the wagon, I am in love with the Stuart Weizman highland boots , I cant afford that right now so I respectfully settled for this one from Kurt Geiger called the Sammy boots, they are a good dupe, they slouch a little but the fit is very good and again they are comfortable to walk in.IMG_3026IMG_3002IMG_2997

Boots – Kurt Geiger Sammy boots, Dress – Reitz store, Jacket – Wallis from Ebay.

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