Eight Major Fashion Trends that Rocked 2015

I still cant believe 2015 is almost ended, we have just a day left to say goodbye forever? I want to say 2015 wasnt my year but then this is the year , I brought forth my firstborn and that in my books make up for every other setback so yeah 2015 was a great one for me. I hope to make better strands financially in 2016 though but this post is not about my resolutions but rather about the trends that banged this year, as we all know, the 70s did a major comeback this year, the A – Line minis, the Flares, Suede, Velvet, Fur to mention but a few, there were so many cool trends this year , matter of fact, in my opinion, this was the year of experimenting and owning your style.

PS – I know some of you unlike me tend to stay away from trends but surely you must have fallen hard on your face flat for one of these trends, so tell me, what trend really got you this year and what trend would you not be caught dead in? Camel beige colored outfit is a must-have for those ladies who want something unique and individual. Go for a nice fedora, knitted oversized sweater, relaxed skirt and white sneakers::
Sneakers everything – I am totally crushing on this trend especially the white sneaks but then if you are a regular on the blog, you would know by now, it was on my christmas wishlist and Santa aka the mail man is about to make it happen asap. Sneakers ruled this year, it was worn with everything, with dinner dresses, suits, maxis, midis every damn thing and the surprise for me was how cool it looked, seriously who would have thought sneakers with suits?

Want to dress like Olivia Palermo at New York Fashion Week? Well thanks to the high street you can, and for just £21... http://lookm.ag/Jl73vz: Culottes – aka coolottes was major this year, there is just something cool , chic and easy about a pair of culottes worn with flats or heels, they were tricky to wear though especially if you aint tall and slim, you needed to get one that hit just right to avoid cutting off your legs and making you appear frumpy and the rest is easy peasy, dressed down or up, they were a hit. Check my take on the trend here

21 Times Christian Louboutin Wedding Shoes Made Us Fall in Love - wedding shoes;: Lace up Heels – For real, these shoes sexified everything, like you could literally wear a sac , tie on these pair of sex on your feets and watch yourself transform into a sexy siren, excuse the pun but that’s how bad these were.

Flare Pants – I loved this trend though for some reason, I never committed to it, I think after I missed out on those lovely ones by Zara that  almost every budget fashionista had, I just kinda blanked it out, its hard to find one with the exaggerated flare, high waist and budget friendly.

#Inspired: OvertheKnees boots – Once upon a time, OTK boots were seen as doing too much and very hard to pull off but this year , its like people threw fucks to the air and finally tamed these boots, they were worn ever so simply on a jean pants, with minis, midis and even maxis. See my take on the trend here

green suede dress with boots: Suedette – They came in almost everything, from coats to dresses, shoes, bags, skirts, everything sueded this season and I was fully on board, just take a look at my outfit posts on the trend here and herehere and here. Can you tell how much I loved this particular trend?

Model-Off-Duty Style: Elsa Hosk Masters The '70s Denim Skirt Trend: A – Line Mini Skirt – It was the year of the legs wasn’t it? Midis were ditched for these A-Line beauties and the best part, they looked good on every body shape and fit so easy with almost anything.

Ankle boots – Some things will always trend and ankle boots are one of them , however this season, the length was a bit higher than the norm and really snug on the ankles, see how I wore it here.

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