Basic Guide to Owning A Stylish Wardrobe

While there is no denying that money can buy you style , it is also fact that you do not need too much money to be stylish, actually you do not need too many clothe to own an enviable style, you just need the basics first and then you can take it up from there. These tips will work for you regardless of whether you are a student, working class, stay at home mum, the basic principles are the same.

I would advise though that before you set upon out building your wardrobe, you should identify your personal style. A quick and easy way to do this, is by  creating a board on pinterest and pin away, pin any and every image that appeals to you and with time, you will begin to see a pattern, you could find that you like loose and slouchy styles or you like tailored fits etc, the pattern that emerges from your pins is your personal style.  and therefore should guide the pieces you purchase during the course of the build up. So lets get right into it, shall we?


  • Blue Pants or black Skinny Jeans – Even  with all the craze on flare jeans , wide legs jeans, the skinny jean is still a staple, it looks good on every one, whether tall or short, fat or slim, big calves or skinny calves, a trick I learnt to looking great in skinnies is to ensure the length stops an inch or two shy of your ankles.

  • Black blazer – Your wardrobe is incomplete without a black blazer, make sure to buy one that fits and depending on your style, you could go for a cropped , regular sized or oversized fit, for starters though I would recommend the regular fit ones, they are versatile and would go well with your skinnies, dress and skirts.
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  • White , black and striped Tees – These are really inexpensive but yet so chic, make sure to go for the linen or cotton fabrics, they look expensive and hold better.

  • White Shirt – Another staple in  any stylish wardrobe, they go with every single thing and have these crisp look about them, you can dress them down or up as you wish.IMG_3024
  • Little black dress and a bold colored dress – I could go on and on about the little dress but I wont, just a google search will tell you all you need to know about this singular piece, its never out of place , its very handy and always works as a last resort regardless of the occasion. Have a colored dress too just because some days you wanna be loud and fun.

  • Black and neutral colored ballet flats – Lets be honest here, noone wears heels 7 days of the week ? Most times we want to be comfortable and smart and this is where the ballet flats come in. They smart up every look and go with literally everything.
  • Black heeled pump and boots – That said about flats above, you cant deny the transformative powers of heels , it can take your look from bleh to glam in an instant, for starters, I would advise moderately sized and comfortable ones, you want to get the best use out of them.
  • Moderately heeled Strappy Sandals – Some outfits just need sandals besides after you just spent time and money manicuring those feets, the last thing you wanna do is enclose them in pumps, you need to let those beauties glow and breathe in sandals, either heeled or flats.

  • Sunnies – Your preference should be dependent on your style, trust me, they will come in handy for those I couldn’t be bothered with make up but still wanna look fly days
  • A Sturdy black or neutral tote – Go for black or neutral shade that would sync with everything in your wardrobe, I would also recommend you go for a leather tote, something structured and durable.

  •  Sneakers – Black, white, blue whatever color, you would be amazed at how much you would be reaching for them, they are so comfy and thankfully they are trending right now, I would opt for white sneaks though, check my post on  2015 trends here to understand what I am about.

  • A camel trench coat – If you live in the colder climes, a coat is an essential for keeping warm, if you have to have one coat, I would recommend a camel coat, they are very chic, act as a neutral and you do not need to spend a fortune on it, check your local charity/thrift shop, I find they always have really good options.

  • A Pencil Skirt – A pencil skirt comes in handy for days you don’t want to wear pants, they look good and smart on every one and again can be dressed up or down to fit the occasion.

A maxi dress – Grab yourself a maxi dress today for those days you just wanna be fabulous and flirty.

  • Colorful scarves – For a touch of individuality and flare, invest in bold prints and colorful scarves, they don’t need to be expensive, you could style them in different ways to keep your looks interesting and fresh every single time you step out of the house.

So yeah there you have it, its still January so go ahead and assemble that stylish wardrobe, start with this basic pieces and then build up with alternatives in styles and colors? Did I leave any staple piece out? Let me know in the comment section.

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Hey! Welcome to my little space on the internet where Fashion is King, ok I kid, Family is King but Fashion is equally very important and here we pay homage to all things fashionable, beautiful and individual. Join me on this journey as I take you through my personal style, trends to incorporate as well as beauty and fashion must haves to go through through life in style.

23 thoughts on “Basic Guide to Owning A Stylish Wardrobe”

  1. Interesting choices for wardrobe essentials. I’d say rather than skinny jeans – a perfectly fitting pair of jeans is the better option. For me, at least, I don’t feel I look good in skinny jeans, but a pair of straight-leg ones is golden! And personally I’m all about the maxi dresses and sunnies too! – Katy

    1. Yeah, straight jeans are trending right now and they look so good, I will be giving them a try soon but really I think skinny jeans look good on everyone but everyone to his/her own which is exactly why I advised you know your personal style before embarking on this journey

    1. I know right, its very essential to know one’s style so as to not get carried away trends, I love trends though, I just find a way to incorporate them into my personal style

  2. Thank you for this guide! I was meh about skinny jeans, but I fell in love with them last year and now I wear them constantly. There are a few basic pieces here that I will definitely be on the lookout for now.

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