Winter Uniform

IMG_3382 Hi guys! Hope you had a great weekend? Mine was same same, nothing much except that I made the best Nigerian (not Ghana, lol ) jollof rice ever yesterday if I do say so myself, Em wont stopping eating, even Noni who doesn’t like rice that much ate a whole lot, unfortunately I threw portion control to the wind and downed an awful lot of it, I must hit the gym this week to try rectifying the damage done. IMG_3383IMG_3377IMG_3380 Speaking of Winter uniform, this is my goto outfit in this cold, a denim pants, rollneck long sleeved top (they are so good for keeping warm, I promise) and a long coat, depending on how cold it is, I could substitute the long coat for a shorter one, I love how a scarf can make even the most basic of looks interesting even as it keeps you warm so you would always find me reaching for one as I step out the door.IMG_3381IMG_3388Btw, I never know what to do with my eyes when taking pictures, this is why I love wearing shades but it was raining on this day, taking pictures in public is weird enough without adding wearing a shade in the rain to it. Have a great week guys and see you soon.

Trainers – Adidas originals via JD Sports, Coat – Mango old but love this one here, Scarf – Newlook N/A online, Jean – Zara 

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Hey! Welcome to my little space on the internet where Fashion is King, ok I kid, Family is King but Fashion is equally very important and here we pay homage to all things fashionable, beautiful and individual. Join me on this journey as I take you through my personal style, trends to incorporate as well as beauty and fashion must haves to go through through life in style.

31 thoughts on “Winter Uniform”

    1. Thanks Alyssa, It took lots of thought and browsing to settle on that coat, got it last year from Mango, quite a splurge but you know what? No regrets whatsoever, they always come through

  1. Looking good! I love the colour of the coat and scarf, just so comfy! I’m not a fan of roll neck tops myself, so it’s a good thing our winters are quite mild.

  2. Loving that coat. I think a classic camel-colored coat is so great this time of the year, and can go with pretty much anything you’re wearing underneath. – Katy

  3. oh looking fabulous hunny and that’s the point we can wrap up warm in layers and look great and I agree I live in my roll neck tops at the moment and a scarf too as I really do feel the cold

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