Product Review – LaCura Caviar Day and Night Cream

IMG_3227I dont know why I get pretty lazy when it comes to reviewing products, i actually review them in my head, they just never make it to the blog, I was almost going to do the same with this product but I thought hey! Nelo, that would be very unfair, infact one of the most awful thing you could ever do to your loyal readers. These products are so good and so affordable, It would be utterly unforgivable to keep it to myself.  Aldi only produces limited numbers at a time so it’s always sold out but the brochure says its coming back this thursday so I thought I better let you all know about so you can go get it and thank me later.

fashionationlineI put the gift set up for a giveaway (along with additional info on the products)  during the festive season but unfortunately no one entered for the giveaway (save for close friends and family and I have told them they dont count haha), I believe it may be coz  delivery was limited to UK readers only, anyway the giveaway is now closed and I have decided to keep it for myself though my friends are on me to share it amongst them. I know better now, next giveaway will be a voucher that can be redeemed anywhere I promise. IMG_3226 I have to tell yall this product works, my face used to be hyper pigmented and filled with blackspots but since I started using this cream, about five weeks now, I have noticed a massive improvement, my pores are tighter, my complexion brightened and much more evenly toned, the skin on the face feels firmer and supple to touch and black spots when and where they do appear, clears faster now. I would definitely recommend this product. If you have an Aldi where you are, try to get it, it’s so affordable at £7 thereabouts each and honestly it works.

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