Shop my Asos WishList – Dresses Guaranteed To Get You Swooning

Asos – £75

Hi guys! Been a while on this streets I know and I am so sorry. I have been doing a lot of online window shopping lately, truth be told online window shopping is my fave past time.  Last night I was all over Asos drooling over all the amazing dresses they got on this season, so many gorgeous pieces I tell you and I thought hey, hang on, why not share this pieces with your lovely readers, because I cant afford them right now doesn’t mean someone else cant plus I always get asked where I get most of my items from so here…, also expect more of these weekly and if you want specific shopping like shopping ideas for a summer wedding or first date or job interview etc, shoot me an email and I will make some choices happen .  Back to this edit, these dresses are honestly to die for and even though its still cold out here, I am so over Winter fashion and cant wait for spring/summer to roll in.

Asos – £35
Asos – £55
Asos – £38
Asos – £50
Asos – £25
Asos – £124
Asos – £22
Asos – £90
Asos – £42


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