Best Dressed, Most Underwhelming and the Absolute Ridiculous from the AMVCAS

#amvcaDSC_5635360nobsThe AMVCAs for those not familiar with it is the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, its held yearly to honour Africans in the TV and Film industry, simply put, its to Africa what the Oscars is to the west. With the rapid growth and  explosion of African designs and designers , the fashion on the red carpet has become a lot more interesting and eye catching. AMVCA 2016 was held on Saturday the 5th of march, lots of the actors brought on their A-game, I was pretty impressed and proud of my sisters and brothers although some faves were pretty disappointing and a few were outrightly ridiculous.

#amvcaDSC_0092360nobsFor For best dressed, I am torn between Mochedda, Rita Dominic and Mercy Aigbe. I love both looks from hair to toe, these ladies slayed that red carpet, I am so impressed with Mercy though, Mochedda and Rita always come through so it was expected, I definitely now have Mercy on my radar and would be looking forward to future red carpet looks from her.#amvcaDSC_0224360nobs

You all know I am team Genny, she is simply beautiful and carries herself with so much poise and class, she is one of those I always look out for on the red carpet anyday, anytime . This year, her look at the AMVCAs left me feeling pretty underwhelmed, the dress is beautiful, the back details is to die for and Genny’s body was banging, the perfect hanger for such figure hugging silhouette, the problem however I think is with the color, that nude against her skin tone wasnt flattering, it kinda washed her out, going for a nude make up and that color of hair didn’t help matters either.#amvcaDSC_0656360nobs*Cough *Cough, Fade Ogunro seriously? What sort of style is this? In what planet is this look even remotely fashionable? whats with the underboobs? the dress is undersized, I am in utter shock. I cannot believe noone, not her friends or family told her how ridiculous this outfit was, I am seriously embarrassed for her, this is the sort of look you never live down. I am certain her mirror fell and crashed, electricity was off and noone was around when she left the house in this absurdity. See all the redcarpet looks at

What do you think? Who was your bestdressed of the night?


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