How Tote Bags Represent Modern Age Women

Leah Melby Clinton wrote an interesting piece on Glamour Magazine about the link between how a woman carries her purse and her personality. One defining example cited the way movie actress Diane Kruger held her seemingly heavy Chanel tote bag and had to lean a certain direction in order to adjust her weight. According to the article, this method echoes the significance of a woman’s profession and the effort she exerts in fulfilling her passion.

In a way, tote bags are like the cute yet highly determined baby sisters of the more professional briefcases. These handbags are roomy enough to mix office necessities with all the women’s essentials, but still maintain proper sophistication and elegance in a work environment. Each year, with its versatility and style, totes become more and more popular – not to mention, expensive. So much so that a renowned website featuring contemporary fashion bags began offering viable alternatives for women on a budget.

When it comes to its general idea and design, carrying a tote bag is like having two purses wrapped in one convenient little handbag. Basics highlight classic materials such as leather and matte leather, while others showcase different fabrics to add a definitive twist to its style. The combination of magnetic closure on the outside and inner zip pockets of a typical tote bag allows women to easily whip out everyday items when the need arises and keep all the essentials safely tucked inside. In terms of the overall look, majority of these purses feature simple tones that go well with almost any outfit. On the other hand, there are those with monochrome geometric patterns and/or tassels that bring out a cooler, more distinctive characteristic.

All in all, no matter the price, the design, or the material, totes give women a practical option that doesn’t offset their personal style. As a matter of fact, these types of purse magnify the fine lines that blur professionalism and casualness, as well as convenience and grace. To an extent, tote bags also mirror the modern age woman: beautiful yet strong-minded, practical yet stylish, and simple with a hint of fierceness in them.

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