What I Wore – Oversized White Shirt

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Hello Fashionatiis, you good?How is life and hope you are all chasing your dreams, taking it one step at a time? I am quite excited today, this month has been filled with lots good news for me and I hope it flows from me to all of you reading this blog.

I got this top from Zara a while ago, I just loved the fit, if you are subscribed to my youtube channel already then you would have seen this shirt in my very first haul video. I love how though the shirt is baggy/oversized, it hugs the body, making sure to show off you silhouette, it can worn with jeans or even shorts as I have styled it in a Lookbook coming soon .

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So take care of yourselves, start working on that idea in your head today, dont wait for perfect conditions, they dont exist, remain stylish, subscribe to  my Youtube Channel here and I would see you guys soon.

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