Summer Style – Gold Pants


Hi everyone, the sun is blasting here in London yall, we had the hottest day of the year so far this week, I am totally enjoying this warm weather like I aint complaining. I feel like everyone is bitching on the weather, saying how hot it is, how they cant stand the hotness anymore and I am like wait, am I the only one actually enjoying and lapping up all of this warmth? Seriously am I? I honestly do not mind if the whole of July/August remains this way, I want to get all of the sun and heat that I can while the summer season lasts, plus it also helps that you know, I get to walk about in as little as nothing, in a tank top and all of the breezy pants/shorts I can lay my hands on and if they come in shiny golden metallic tiny prints gorgeousness like my pants here, I seriously honestly cant complain hehe.

P.S, there is a vlog of me in this outfit currently up on my youtube channelĀ here, do check it out and please SUBSCRIBE. Take care of you and I will se yall soonish.

DSC04299 DSC04302 DSC04308 DSC04309

Pants, Tank, Jacket – HM

Bag, Sandals – Zara

Sunglasses – Oscar de la Renta

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