Double Denim Swag

IMG_4736Hi Everyone, hope you are all good and snatching wigs, getting your life and being an all round boss. For some reason I feel like today is Monday, I guess its because of the bank holiday yesterday. Anyhoo I just want to quickly share with you guys this double denim duo that I am simply obsessed with, I love that top so much, I mean its off the shoulder, its denim and its got ruffles also, seriously whats not to love?IMG_4737

I have been down with the cold, I dont know why because its all summery and warm here but hey, it is what it is and so to feel a lil better with me yesterday, the hubby and I and our lil one decided to step out of the house for a min, take a walk through the park to receive some fresh air and grab some dinner too. It was a chill day. I also vlogged a bit of it. You can check that out below.

IMG_4735 IMG_4738 IMG_4736

Alright guys! Do have a great week, stay focused, stay on top of your goals, keep at it, be scared, be doubtful but do it anyways and I will see you guys soon. XX.

Top – Asos,┬áJeans – Zara, Sandals – Newlook

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