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img_4846 Hi lovelies, what’s up? I am good, I feel like its been a while but its just been a week. If you have noticed by now, I post an outfit on here once every week but I am try to go a notch higher and start posting on a particular day so that you guys can know when to check in for that outfit post, ofcourse other posts such as trend chat,beauty and youtube videos will come up every other day . I am thinking Sunday but I will let you all know as soon as I decide. img_4848img_4847Yesterday was the hottest day of the year with temps going as high as 34 degrees and seeing as that was the day I decided to shoot my Fall makeUp routine for my youtube and I had to go out with this face full of dark makeup, I decided to wear the brightest color in my wardrobe to balance it out. This two piece was made with love from Nigeria, I have had it for two years now and this is the first time I am wearing it. I loved it, got so much compliments.img_4852img_4849

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Hey! Welcome to my little space on the internet where Fashion is King, ok I kid, Family is King but Fashion is equally very important and here we pay homage to all things fashionable, beautiful and individual. Join me on this journey as I take you through my personal style, trends to incorporate as well as beauty and fashion must haves to go through through life in style.

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  1. I love this look! It is so bright and vibrant. I usually do not like yellow, but in combination with this turquoise it comes off perfect against your skintone! Melanin glow for the win lol


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