Autumn Style – Borrowed from the Boys

img_4944Let me give you guys a little gist on this outfit, so the other day, I was looking for this cute lace bomber jacket I recently got for my baby girl from HM, its jacket season and I cant seem to find it in my daughter’s wardrobe. The last time she wore it was during our holiday at Chessington park so I thought I might as well check the bag we travelled with just incase I forgot to unpack it. So I unzipped the bag, saw this this Tee and my mind, the one thats always style ready went oh wow! This Tee is bang on trend! So I took it out, my mind already racing ahead of itself with all the styling options available for it to slay this humble tee. img_4939 img_4943 The Hubby, Emeka came home that evening, saw his his Tee lying around and was like, Babe what’s this tee doing here, did Nono (our daughter) get this out of the box? Let me tell you guys about Nono, she is a toddler and her hobbies includes but not limited to heading straight for the wardrobe and taking out every single well or not arranged clothe out of the wardrobe and scattering them all around the house. So in all fairness, her dad assumed she had included opening boxes and taking clothes out to her list of hobbies. img_4955 img_4960 I couldnt let him accuse our daughter falsely so I told the honest truth, I told him, it was me who got the shirt out .

Him : Why?

Me : I want to wear it

Him: I don’t understand, what do you mean you want to wear it, why do you want to wear my new shirt ? Are you done wearing all the clothes you have in your wardrobe?

Me : (Gently cuddling him from behind) Honey, wearing your tee is trending.

Him : Urggh! What?

Hahaha, and so guys, this is a trend for real, go ahead and raid your man’s wardrobe, borrowing from the boys/men is officially a trend and I am loving it. So what do you guys think? I think I am doing a better service than he would ever do them, yes? No?img_4958

Boots – Public desire

Tee – Hubs but any seriously oversized tee would do perfectly and can also be worn with OTK boots .

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