Autumn Style Series – Ruffles and Denims

img_2181Hello lovelies, how have you been? On Saturday I got a ticket to attend the Stylist Live event, courtesy the the lovely and eclectic Stephanie of the blog  – She is such a lovely soul. We had loads of fun, the highlight however was the trend show, omg, the styling literally blew my mind, I would post that on my channel, there is a vlog coming soon aii, so make sure to subscribe here

img_5262img_2201-1 As  you can see, I went with my girl, which was another highlight for me, I loved the fact that I could share such fun moments with my girl and as usual she was such good sport, never crying, never stressing mum , I just love that  girl and she has been that way since birth, she never cries when we are out, you guys kindly blow a cyber kiss to my little angel, she is the best.img_5256img_5271Back to the event, we got there around 1.30ish pm, sat through the first talk with an actress, I unfortunately cant remember her name, after the talk we had about two hours to kill before our next show, the trend show so we decided to g thrift shopping, they had the awesomest thrift stores around the vicinity, the event was held at the business centre, Angel, central London. We were going to check out Oxfam but didnt get there anymore, one of the charity store around the corner caught so much of our fancy, plus we were famished and had to grab a bite, take tonnes of pics before our next event.img_5228img_5280 img_2200I didn’t get anything unfortunately because I honestly have shopped a lot this month and I just thought it would be awfully irresponsible of me to shop again just for the sake of it. I saw lots of lovely things though, it took some serious personal pep talk to stop myself from swiping that card, Steph did get some lovely stuffs though, she got this lovely tweed dress that I am certain if I had found first would have destroyed my admirable resolve. Lol.img_5261img_5260So guys, that was my Saturday recap, I got home around 7ish, flagged out, had dinner, some wine with the hubs who had missed us terribly, gave Nono a bath, fed her and she was so tired she slept off almost immediately. How was your weekend? Was it almost as good as mine?

Outfit details

I wanted to keep things simple, thats basically my style inclination lately and so opted for Mom Jeans from Zara (old), Black Jumper from NewLook here and my fave current Boots from Public Desire here, I have been wearing this boot non stop. I have a lookbook showing four ways to style the boots on my channel right now. Check it out guys. Thanks for checking with me, have a great week and see you soon.

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