Tassel Knit Wrap Dress

img_5360Hi guys, so I finally overcame my insecurities, shut that naysaying voice in my head down and finally took my camera and tripod outside of my home to take some outfit photo for the blog. I did it for the first time last week with the floral dress fit and I was surprised at how easy it was, I was beating myself up asking me why it took me so long to start doing this?img_5349img_5364 I have to admit, I still have a lil flutter here and there thinking about what passersby may think or say, but guess what I really dont care, I need to shoot this outfits, there is noone to shoot me so I have to do what I have to do if I am really serious about making any leeway with this lil blog of mine, what’s that saying again? If your dreams dont scare you, they aint big enough, so here is to more outfit posts and the phenomenal success of this blog. Amen!img_5369img_5366 img_5353Thanks so much guys for the love and support I have been getting lately, I really appreciate it.

Outfit Deets – Tasseled coat from Zara(old), Boots from Kurt Geiger, Belt from HM.

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