Autumn Outfit Inspiration … Dipped In Gold Mettalics

img_5539Hi everyone, what’s good? Yesterday was a very good one for me, I last minute hit up my girl Steph of, you guys should totally hit her up, she is awesome, with an amazing style. I digress though, so I last minute hit her up to meet up in the city, scout some nice locations and take some pics for the blog, she was good sport, she was equally excited about the venture, I tell you guys especially in this blogging world of ours, there is nothing like when you find someone who is as into it as you are, willing the brace the poking eyes and take the pics anyway and enjoy every moment of it with you.img_5537-2 img_5545These arent the images incase you are wondering, you will get those ones by next week promise, these ones were taken last week by yours truly and I thought I’d share with you guys this weekend. These metallic two piece are from HM, unfortunately they were last season so I cannot guarantee you will find them if you search, Im really sorry about that, you could still search though, you never know, you just might find something similar or even better, you guys know HM is my crack, lol. You could like this here and here and style with this hereimg_5540img_5542img_5537Its past midnight already as I type this, I am off to bed now, take care of yourselves, have a lovely weekend, follow the blog for immediate post notification, let me know what you think of the outfit below and YEAH, there is a new lookbook on my youtube channel, find this look and more in live action, the experience is always different when you view the outfits in motion, trust me.

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