What I Wore … All Shades of Blue

img_5626Whats up people! Obviously the temperature has dropped even more this week and the chill has caught on but hey we are still better off than some other European countries e.g the Scandiis where it has already started snowing, my friends over there at Finland keep posting videos of the snow and I am like eiish, I mean last week I still dared wore shorts here, although I quickly popped on tights immediately after these shots.img_5609 img_5608When it comes to mixing prints, honestly there is no rhyme or reason to it, what I would suggest though is to make sure the pieces look new, you know no faded fits, keep to one color theme i.e let a color run through the mix and you should be good. What do you think of my outfit guys?img_5617 img_5620 img_5612img_5626-2So guys I have been blogging consistently lately and I am so proud of myself, this is one of the looks I shot with my girl Steph, I love this look if I do say so myself, what do you guys think though? I am really determined to make a success of personal style blogging and I want to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged me through shares, comments, likes , thanks so much guys. I would equally appreciate post suggestions or any suggestions at all to help take this blog to the next level guys. img_5627img_5624 Outfits – Ruffled top from HM, no longer available  but you could try this one here, Shorts are from Miss Selfridges, old but this here could easily recreate this look, Jacket – HM (old), shoes – Asos(old)

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Hey! Welcome to my little space on the internet where Fashion is King, ok I kid, Family is King but Fashion is equally very important and here we pay homage to all things fashionable, beautiful and individual. Join me on this journey as I take you through my personal style, trends to incorporate as well as beauty and fashion must haves to go through through life in style.

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