What I Wore … Oversized Jumper x Mesh Maxi Skirt

img_5705 Let me tell you guys about these shots, hopefully then you will understand and excuse the quality of the photos, so I was on my way to the town center, I was going to take the outfit shots myself like I always did but then it was so windy and I was scared that if I set up the tripod  to take the pictures, the force of the wind might crash the tripod and smash my camera along, I  would literally die if that happened, no kidding.img_5712-2Follow me guys – Twitter – @fashionatii, Instagram – Nelo Sujiimg_5711I was left with two choice, forget the photos and just go on to the town center or get any random person and beg them to take the photos, so I took a deep breath, chucked my shy self between my legs and randomly approached this dude to please take my photos against this lovely pink door, he confessed he was no good with picture taking but I assured him, it required no expertise, simply press down the shutter and hold, after several attempts, these were the result, somewhat grainy but still better than nothing.img_5712Striped Jumper – Thrifted try this here, Lace Skirt – HM old but this here will do just fine, i am wearing tights underneath mine, Pink shoes – Random similar here .img_5707Nono wont stay in her buggy, wont leave my side either , i’m not complaining though, I think we make a good team. My outfit was inspired by streetstyle , a long sweatshirt over a maxi skirt, this could easily be my go to Fall vibe, what do you guys think, would you wear? Are you feeling it?

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