How to Rock White – Winter Edition

How to wear WHITE in Winter and get away with it? Its simple just wear IT! I did hear someone say No white in Winter? Really? Anyway we all know how I feel about rules and shii when it comes to fashion and styling, IDGAF! Its as simple as that, wear what you wanna, style how you wanna, just do you basically, what matters is how you feel.

Hoodies have become my thing lately, I am about that cool IT girl life right now.  So I have this thing I do where I take an outfit that has been lying fallow in my wardrobe maybe because I just haven’t figured  the new thing to style them with, I repeat my outfits differently . I have had this white denim for over a year now, I wear them every now and then. Recently I was like come you, I haven’t worn you in ages now, why is that though? So I brought them out of the wardrobe and kept them where my eyes can reach them , I was at HM the other day and the moment I spied this hoodie, I knew I had found just the right partner for my white denim. I was going to wear white on white on white, ok on tan. I thought the tan provided just the balance the both fit need to look cool and casual just at the same time. What do you think? Rock or Slay?

Denim pants Zara – here, Hoodie – HM , Boots – Just Fab old

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