Cockroaches and Celebrities on a Magazine Cover? Wharrisdis?


Wait! What? I am honestly lost for words, is this a live cockroach? A dead one, was it photoshopped? I know someone will come up with creativity and art and all the yudu yada. I read somewhere that she has a phobia for cockroaches and so somehow this shoot is supposed to help her overcome it? Dead! This is so stinky and I am not getting it. She is beautiful and her makeup is flawless but honestly all I see is that roach and its so disconcerting! Anyway she is brave sha, as for me , I just cant! Yuck! What do you guys think though?

Btw, Tania Omotayo is a model and the the ex or current (i have no idea) girlfriend of Nigerian superstar and musician Wizkid.

Shoot credits:

Photography: @studio24nigeria

Styled by – @missmaliq

Makeup: @omalichamakeover

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