Green Velvet, Red and Some Sparkle

Apologies for the hordes of pictures, I just couldnt decide which to bin and keep and then I was like you know what? I’m just going to post all as I am sure you guys will love them all just as much as I did (wrings fingers and bats eye lids). Sooo… whats up guys, its been a hot minute with the outfit posts I know , I am sorry but lately I haven’t been in the mood to dress up at all. You guys wont believe this but I haven’t worn any form of makeup on my face for the past two weeks, I simply go out like that, face bare, not caring, not motivated at all, I mean I went from making up to chill at home to going everywhere barefaced.  Thankfully that phase seem to be clearing out, I hope! My girlfriend Mariyah came around this weekend and I was just like I better take advantage of her and get a look out for you guys, so I donned this two piece I got from HM, I initially wore it on my daughter’s bday, didn’t get to take any pics that day because I was so swamped with birthday festivities and all, do catch up with the bday vlog on my youtube channel here, if you haven’t, it was so much fun and dancing and goofing away.  So lets talk about the outfit, Green on red on gold, I definitely look like a walking christmas decoration hahaha but its ok, its never that serious, fashion is fun and I loved the colors, I mean it was perfect for getting out of that funk, I mean how else to bounce back huh? lol. So what do you guys think, did it make you smile? Do you love the look? Atleast now you know not to wear this combo together  if you don’t care to look like a christmas decor. Thanks guys for always coming back, for commenting, I really appreciate. 

Velvet pants and slip top – HM, Boots – HM, Top – Primark, Coat – Thrifted

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