Post Valentine’s Day Rant – Can Lovers Celebrate in Peace?

Hello everyone, I always have lots of random thoughts running through my mind on the regular and in the past I have tried to keep this blog strictly on fashion and style so I keep them bottled up or share bits and bops on social media but lately I have been thinking,  what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t share everything and anything on it. I am on social media a lot, more as an observer and then I debate some of the things I glean off there by myself or with my husband when he gets back from work. I have decided to change all of that though, I want to share my thoughts with you guys regarding any and everything that catches my fancy on here weekly, maybe I need a name change?This week I have a word for all them Anti Valentine day peeps, so many single and booless people especially ladies and broke dudes on social media questioning  the essence of Valentine, I simply rolled my eyes because I know where its coming from, it’s coming from a place of loneliness and envy. One particular lady ranting on Instastory, was furious  people were wishing her Happy Valentine’s day, seriously? Lol, another one made a whole vlog on the ‘charade’ called Valentine, talking trash about how couples don’t go on dates on normal days , how the men leave their wives at home and dine her instead on regular days, sorry honey atleast on Valentine’s day, you know your real position by the side. I remember this particular lady with a huge following on one of the social media platforms last year asking why we needed a particular day to celebrate Lover’s day, questioning the point of the whole day, fast forward to this year, she now has a boo and she dedicated the whole week to Valentine’s day, to her lover and the whole love experience.  I understand that Valentine’s day can be quite daunting and saddening when you are alone, without no lover but lets not forget that the most important love of all is the one you have for yourself, you may not have a partner to share that particular lovers love with , however instead of focusing on that , let that day be instead a day to appreciate all the love and light you currently have in your life, to appreciate yourself and to reminisce on the love to come, to appreciate those who have the kind of love you desire for yourself  and believe me you will feel better.

So yeah, that’s it for my rant today, hope you guys like this ranty part of me, I will see you guys next week with more rants. Take care guys and have a lovely weekend.


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