I Dont Like My Husband

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Well it’s true, I don’t like my husband some times. I love my husband don’t get me wrong but there are times, oh there are those times he is so annoying , those days he gets into one of his can’t get how you can make this sort of mistake mode that infuriates and annoys the hell out of me.  The Irony is that I actually love this (perfectionist) trait about him, its one of the reasons I fell for him in the first place but in a twisted way, it also freaking drives me over the bend sometimes.

‘Like’ in relationships is very different from Love, Like is that thing that makes you guys friends, that gets you guys gisting and laughing away, that makes him your favourite person in the whole world and so you know on days he gets obnoxious and drives me real mad, Like is so flung out of the window and I just want to be by myself and not in the mood for any form of friendliness or chattiness.

Right here, my people is where Love steps in , Love is that cool voice that tells you to calm the hell down, not to overreact, to remember all the great things you love about this person, their wonderful qualities that definitely overrides this one or even more annoying bits of them. Love is a winner always! This is why the importance of love in a relationship can never be overemphasized. Love is the foundation of every relationship, it’s the thing that gets you going despite the odds, against the odds. Love is very important coz without it everything goes downhill with the slightest provocation and trust me there will be provocations when you living with someone day in , day out, every single day of your lives, even if you living with the pope himself. Fact!

And so thanks to Love, I am calm, I ignore or I ‘vex small’ in some cases and next thing you know we are chatting away like nothing ever happened, like we aint never quarrelled . PS – I bet I annoy the hell out of him too, actually, scratch that, I know I annoy the hell out of him, I can be pretty very annoying too with my ‘oversabiness’ aka ‘I know it allness’ and my non chalantness. So yeah guys, this marks my first post on relationships, let me what you guys think of this segment and yeah who else can relate with this LIKE vs LOVE thingy? I would really love to hear from you.

P.S – I also want to stress that LIKE is equally very important.




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