Minis, Check and Fishnet for Spring Style

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend? Mine was a cool and quiet one, spent with my lil family, we also had a bit of a good news which I am going to share with you guys soon. Sorry to keep you guys waiting on it. Alright let’s talk about the diss that rocked the internet, Remy Ma vs Nikki. I heard the girl is savage! Didnt really know much about her before now but then I am not RAP conscious, I didnt even know she and Nikki had any beef, I simply caught this one because it seems all of the internet is on this and everyone and their mama is talking about how Nikki is dead and buried and gone, so make I for no carry last aka FOMO, I decided to listen to the said track and OMG! It was deadly , I don’t understand  Rap at all, people claiming hood, talking about slinging gunshots like its a thing to be proud of? Obviously to be a good MC, you have be hood, know how to sling the gun, go to jail while you are it, it has nothing to do with your sales, your charts , awards and recognitions received? The track was filled with so much slut shaming/body shaming as it is always wont to be with women, nah I dont get it and I dont like it if this is what its all about. I really hope that culture changes, aint nobody wants to go back to the whole Biggie/Tupac typpa rap days. Dont come for  me all you RAP heads though, I am just a sensitive, peace loving, music for fun and entertainment kind of gal. Thank you.I have def put on some weight, sighs, I need to do some shopping to fit my new size, this is an old Zara dress, I wore it in the summer months with gladiators here. Spring is in the air, can see the flowers coming to life, the weather is still cold but not as cold as the winter months, just the perfect weather to layer your summer dresses on roll necks, tights and boots. Have a great week guys and see you soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Outfit deets – Dress – Zara, Boots – Kurt Geiger, Fishnets – Ebay, Hat – Accessorize UK, Jacket – HM

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