Lets Talk Pregnancy Cravings!!!

Me  and a couple of my girlfriends are pregnant at the same time although they are weeks ahead of me, so you know whenever we get together, the gist is almost always centred around our pregnancies or kids. The other day we got talking about our various pregnancy cravings and one said hers was ‘Ora’ or ‘Oha’ soup depending on your dialect. This is a special igbo delicacy, full of veggies, stock fish, dry fish and assorted meat, the interesting about her craving is that it must be gotten from a particular shop –  Tasties, hahahaha, her tastebud only wanted Tasties Ora soup and of course poor hubby had to do the pick up whenever the craving came on. 

Akara from foodacemeals

Another friend of mine only wants rice prepared with oil, crayfish and lots and lots of pepper also known as concoction rice, she would judiciously prepare this rice and settle to eat it, it’s the sweetest thing ever according to her, interestingly, prior to pregnancy, she couldn’t stand this type of rice. As for me, my cravings vary but one thing is constant, I love meat, I crave meat and anything prepared with tomato sauce so I eat a lot of jollof rice, rice and stew and have even taken to making soups with tomato sauce, my poor husband just goes along with whatever is on the menu thankfully.

I have equally developed longer throat also known as gluttony with this pregnancy,I could be watching TV and say a pizza AD comes on, I would suddenly get this intense craving for pizza, it’s just crazy I tell you. They always say to try to eat healthy but how can I even try that when I want to eat virtually everything I see,the other day, I  was scrolling through Instagram and a food blogger – @foodace posted a picture of Akara balls ( a bean meal somewhat akin to falafel but made of brown beans, scotch bonnet pepper and onions as the basic ingredients) and OMG! I wouldn’t stop thinking about it, I could smell it, I could literally taste it. I had to drag myself  into the kitchen, made myself a batch and it was so so delicious. I haven’t had Akara since I relocated from Nigeria almost three years ago.

Even though I have it bad with my random cravings and all , I am however glad my cravings don’t extend to anything sweet and sugary like Ice cream and chocolates and all that extra fattening stuff, so far it’s been wholesome stuffs and oops, I almost forgot, I also can’t get enough of  chilled sparkling water. Comeon moms and fellow ‘pregnantees’ in the house, what are/were your cravings? Any ridiculously funny ones?

Akara Image source – www.foodacemeals.blogspot.co.uk


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