Bump Style #4 – Graphic Tee

 Hey guys, whats good, let me give you guys a little update on my bump and me, we are fine, we don’t seem to be getting bigger lately, I have no idea why.  It’s currently second trimester and I feel way better now, Food tastes way better now and I find myself eating more and more although this week, I have challenged myself to try to eat healthy and also put in some light pregnancy exercise at least thrice a week, I will let you guys in on how that panned out, I have been good thus far. I don’t even know how these things come about but apparently graphic tees are a trend this spring season , I remember I had a couple last year and my sister nicked my fave one, I believe I have always had a graphic tee or two in  my wardrobe because it goes well with jeans, its simple and effortlessly cool. Anyho ,it’s a trend this year and it’s cool, I like when things trends  because then you get to see a gazillion ways to style and wear them. I have worn mine here very smart casually over my maternity jeans. I hope you guys likey. Thanks for the love on my previous posts, let me know what you think of this week’s dressing the bump style and I will see you guys same day next week, take care of your selves and ciao!

Maternity Pants – HM (OLD), Graphic Tee – Primark, Pump – Zara, Shades – Ray Bans.

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