Happy Birthday to Me #bumpstyle 8

I am sorry but this is a truck load of picture post so I am going to try and keep the words short. Today is my birthday, this pictures were taken by me yesterday,unfortunately I couldn’t take them today and still post today. I have never done the whole birthday picture-taking thing but somehow this year is different, I am getting good at not just having ideas in my head but actually doing them and so when the idea for this shoot came on, I did it. I came across this location recently and I knew I wanted to shoot there, I figured my birthday was just the perfect day to do it. 

  PS – Allow me to toot my horn a bit, outfit, makeup, shoot were all done by me, I am so proud of the woman I am becoming, I wish I had worked on being her a long time ago. I would do another post, most likely a video on advice/what I would tell  my 20 something years old self, what I would have done differently in my 20s and hopefully it would help someone out there. I am three decades and a half years old. I am not where I want to be by any stretch but I am working on it now, I keep telling myself it’s never too late till we are six feet under, never too late to stop dreaming and start doing, never too late to get focused , get consistent and to keep striving and eventually I know it will all end in praise! Amen. Happy Birthday to ME!  Dress – Misguided.co.uk, Shoes – River Island, Earrings – HM, Sunglasses – Ebay.

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