Bump Style 9 – Issa Leg Day Yaaayyy!

When you are too eager for summer even the slightest sun causes to jump into the next shortest thing you have in your wardrobe and run outside and then you find it’s not warm as you thought,so back inside and pop on the dreaded tights but not before taking a picture for the blog because fresh legs always look better in life and in pictures too. I probably say this every week but I am tired of this cold weather for God’s sake this is May! And the weather is still doing turn tables.

Thanks Everyone for the birthday wishes on my last post, I really appreciate all of you all for your love and continued support.  With regards to the bump, as you can see we are fine just getting bigger and bigger and I swear my appetite has tripled, I am so ravenous these day I just don’t understand myself! So yeah, this week’s bump style update is all about legs and the faux spring weather we are currently having here in the UK, I hope you guys love the look, let me know what you think as you all know I love to hear from you. Btw the dress was thrifted recently for £7.99 such a great bargain, infact I think I am going to thrift the bulk of my maternity/pregnancy outfits because I know my style is going to change again once the baby is here.  

Alright guys, do have a lovely day  and see you next week, don’t be a stranger, connect with me on Insta – Nelo Suji . I am quite active on there.

Dress – River Island (thrifted), Sandals – New Look (old), Denim jacket – New Look (recent)

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