Bump Style 10 – Embroiders and Velvet with my Main Gee

Hi everyone,whats up,yesterday was such a lovely day and from the look of things we might not get much of such days this week, the day before was crap and today is looking like one ,cloudy, rainy and all. The sun came out yesterday so we grabbed some ice cream, wore some colorful spring outfits and headed to our local park. I thought I’d grab some pictures too while we are at it.¬† A lil pregnancy update, yesterday my hip joint was in some serious pain, my god I understand its normal with pregnancy (something about loosening of the hip joints to accommodate baby as it grows bigger , I remember it happening with my first pregnancy too but not to yesterday’s extent , omg I nearly passed out from all that pain and then I thought if I took a walk, it would get better, biggest mistake ever! I feel better today though. This dress is from HM last year’s spring summer collection, I am glad they still fit although from the look of things, they are not gonna fit for too long now and we are back to stretchy fabrics. What do you think of this week’s bump style? we getting bigger or nah? Someone said my bump was too big for my 24 weeks ¬†wailing!!!

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