Bump Style 18 – How to Style a Striped Dress

Styling stripes can be quite tricky when you are big and almost twice your previous size, the trick however is to go for vertical stripes, they give the illusion of a slimmer and taller figure which I so desperately need right about now, lol. Also opt for darker colors, they are really good at hiding away some frumps and bumps.I got this maxi striped dress from Primark, it was love at first sight, I loved how lightweight it was, the color, the length and the style, I just knew it was going to be one of those dresses I would reach for a lot this period.I also loved the price, I think it was about £10 or so, I bought it last week and I have worn it twice already, I would wear it again today but its in the laundry.

My pregnancy style has been a lot of Primark and making do with my old clothes that still fit just because I know that my style will undergo a revamp once the lil one is here so I dont want to spend much on outfits I probably wont love to wear again once baby is here. So what do you guys think of my Maxi fit? Cuuuute or …..  Have a lovely week guys and see you soon. 

PS – I post twice weekly, style post every THURSDAY and a fashion edit post yet to decide on the days. Thanks for the hitson the last one talking about my TOP SUMMER TRENDS.

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