Bump Style 21 – Camo Bumping

Hi everyone, we made it with a post this week yay! Lol. Thanks to this new nude lip gloss from NYX that’s got me in the mood to truss up a bit and attempt to ‘prettify’ my face a bit. I wanted to see what the gloss looked like on me and before I knew what’s up, I had my camera out and had my face beat. Since the face was beat, I figured I might as well dress up as well and take some pics for the blog. 

 I also just got this high waisted maternity leggings from Asos. I debated buying this leggings seeing as I am almost there but then I really needed it too for that every day casual slay look like what I’m wearing here today, plus I could always wear it for the next baby.  So enough of the outfits and look, let me give you guys a quick pregnancy update, right now I can’t lie, all I want to do is eat and sleep, I am always tired, I can barely walk a quarter of a mile without feeling like this baby would pop out of my uterus any moment. I have still got three weeks I don’t know how we are going to survive it. My energy level is so low but my toddler doesn’t know this, she still wants to run all over mom, she wants mom to carry her every now and then which is becoming almost impossible and just can’t understand why mom is always tired and wants to be left alone.  So there you have it lovelies, if I’m still bumping by next week, I will definitely check in on yall with another style post, if not see yall soon. Thanks for stopping by. Love you guys.

Leggings – Asos, Tank top – HM , Camo Jacket- Primark.

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