Im Back… Postpartum Weight Struggles

 Hello everyone! What’s good ? Oh my gosh, I have been gone for so long and I am so so sorry, in my defence, I have gone and had a baby, a gorgeous baby girl. It’s been lots of sleepless nights and hassle full days with my toddler, we are going through that famous terrible T stage and so everything is a battle of wills, im screaming my head off, I am begging, I am tired, I am cranky and as we all know, there is no rest or break from this job.  However the real reason, I haven’t been on here is the fact that I haven’t felt myself in a while, I have put on a lot of weight, thanks to pregnancy. I am very reluctant to buy any new outfit in my current size because I don’t want to get comfortable in it, I mean I have a wardrobe filled with clothes in my previous size what am I supposed to do with them if I don’t loose all these weight? That is the struggle guys and I am breast feeding so no crash diet or anything dramatic, it’s got to be gradual and steady. I was 91kg at full term, I am currently at 78kg yippee! The target weight is 68kg though so we still got a long way to go phew!

 All of my old jeans are out of bounds so I have basically been living in tights, I could wear my maternity jeans but for some reason, I simply do not want to have anything to do with them, I guess I am so glad to be done being pregnant. The other day however, I was at Primark and decided to pick up one cheap ass denim I could wear to death in the interim, and so here we are. I do like the colour on this one though, they are actually jeggings, I got them in a size 14 😭😭, I hate how the lines at the ankle part of the jeans never stay put and you have to keep adjusting it but then, you get what you pay for I guess so I can’t really complain.

So yeah guys, a quick update and me saying, I am still here, I love you guys, I love this space and this is what I look like 5 weeks postpartum. See you guys next week. 

Jeggings – Primark, Jumper – Primark, Boots – Heidi Klum for Lidl, glasses – Vintage

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