Autumn Yellow 

Hi everyone, sorry this post is coming a bit late but honestly life has been happening , the days have been hectic and the nights have been sleepless thanks to a seven weeks old baby that sleeps during the day  and wants to play and cuddle and suckle at night. My two year old fell ill so had to take her to A and E and you guys, that’s a whole day affair especially on a weekend.

I am not sure I already told you guys but I started a part time programme in Child care so a lot on my hands right now but blogging is and has always been a passion of mine, it’s my happy place, a reminder of my individuality and not just my role as wife and mom so I will be here week in, week out, I ain’t going nowhere.

I got this jacket in store from Newlook, I love the colour, it’s a mustard colour, just the perfect coat to brighten my autumn wardrobe. I decided to wear it as a dress here with an OTK Boots. What do yall think? Btw went a size up, I got it in a size 14 so when the temps drops even further, will be great for layering on top chunky knits.

Do have a lovely Sunday, we are hosting some friends today so I am off to the kitchen to cook up a mean storm hehe.

Jacket – Newlook here

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